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Rear brake disk bolt

woodycufc Oct 4, 2018

  1. woodycufc

    woodycufc Registered User

    I’m going to replace my rear brake disk and pads, the old brake disk didn’t have a bolt to hold it on the hub, now my new disks have came with a bolt but it’s to big to screw in to the hub..... any ideas why ?? Do I need special Audi bolts ?? Or just run without them?
    I have bought the correct disks for my car
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  3. S3 Hilife

    S3 Hilife It's an addiction Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    I don’t think there’s any issue with not having them in, they’re really just to keep the disk in position and make it easier to align all the wheel bolt holes to the hub. I bought a set of stainless bolts from ebay and I recall there were two different sizes available as this listing below would suggest. I’m not sure if it’s so you can drill out the old ones as they often corrode and shear off or if they came from factory in two different sizes? Not sure tbh

  4. woodycufc

    woodycufc Registered User

    Yeah there’s no issues with not having them in, just wondering why these bolts where too big and obviously the previous owner has had this problem. I’ll see if I can get some smaller bolts.

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