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Anyone else have this type of horror story?
My local dealer has a very prominent sign at its service desk saying all cameras and tracking devices must be turned off or disabled when the car is left for servicing, due to staff privacy regulations. :racer:


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only reason I was considering getting carlock, so I can track it when it's in ;)


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Why audi do not software enable modern car systems cameras as dashcams is a mystery, the tech is there to do so, offering a bolt on system is a **** take tbh & expensive at that, although the audi app has some feature's for car location, they could do much better.

This instance tbh was some idiotic service tech wanted to have some fun, they get awful salary & probably just wanted to enjoy a 1 minute ride, albeit wrongly, but I can understand why it happened.


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I can perhaps understand the rationale behind dashcams off as they say there is very expensive equipment in the workshop and footage could be used by potential thieves to identify tools and things to steal.

But why would a tracker need to be disabled? Seems like they can’t be trusted to drive the customers car like in the article lol

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My experience

With my works vehicles we have our equipment in them so is a nuisance to find other tasks for the day to keep you busy..and when you book it in for drop off at a booked in time slot 8am for warranty or first service etc and you are wondering whats taking so long to get a phone back that its ready , you look at the tracker and see the van only moved at 1pm then parked back out in their car park at 2pm you realise you have had a morning wasted and they are slow to inform.

They basically dont want micro managed and do as they see fit in a days window


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Another story dash cam related this time.
I have also had my van in for MOT again it sat most of day and then mid afternoon van sitting outside idling unsupervised for 40 mins before going in, then going in ramp dry window indoors wipers on screeching constant and 2 testers going through my glove box pulling out stuff and heard them asking "whats that for" and " have you had a look in the back yet? anything worth owt" .
Also heard one of the guys saying " is that they KuNt$ phoning for this van again they can f .... off
i was livid , nearly went to police with the footage but as i picked up van on the friday last thing the time i seen the footage i calmed down a bit but got straight on to the owner of my company to pass on the findings and we moved to another garage for repairs and such.

Was an independent garage. They lost a lot of mots servicing and tyres from us.