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Quick bush and spring question

RS_BUBBA Apr 30, 2014


    RS_BUBBA Member

    Hi all
    Im looking at bushes for my car decided on a super pro kit but can any one recommend what i should get ie just a wish bone kit. I want to give the car a general tighter feeling with out replacing every thing so if some one can recommend the main bushes to begin with.

    Next up is 20/25mm lowering springs any links to a reasonable priced set.

    cheers all.
  2. mattyboy199

    mattyboy199 Well-Known Member

    Super pro do a camber correction bush kit for the rear tie arms which should help when you lower it (unsure if these are any good but could save you a few quid) from what I read most suggest using a OEM part for the front wishbone bush due to the strain that some after market items cannot handle. Otherwise everything else should be fine, careful of race bushes as they make the ride harsh.

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