Quad pipes seem to soot up easily


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Oct 31, 2014
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Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
The shiny quad pipes really set the rear of the S3 Saloon off a treat, but I'm forever having to clean their noses!

My car is 6 months old, less than 2,000 miles and I usually have it in Dynamic mode, only occasionally letting it really stretch its legs, so I'm wondering if the soot on the inside of the tailpipe rims is normal?

At the moment I use a very mildly abrasive sponge (like you'd use for the washing up) followed by a damp cloth wipe off. If there's a better (kinder?) way to keep these shiny lips sparkling I'd love to hear about it, please!
It's normal for the inside ones to soot up more than the outside ones too but they're definitely more difficult to clean than they were on my TT. Autosol does the job nicely though.
+1 for Autosol. Had a good build up of soot on mine and it did the trick with a bit of effort!
I bought the Megs polish too but found Autosol moves the more stubborn marks easier, no need for wool.
Give them a good clean and try a bit of high-temp/synthetic wax after. Should make it easier to clean next time e.g. I have fk1000p on mine.
Thanks for all the replies .. I'm glad the soot build up isn't anything to do with an engine issue like incorrect mixture or such like!

Not heard of Autosol but I'll look out for it (Halfords?) and add it to my cleaning regime.

Thanks again everyone!
Gave mine a good clean a couple of weeks ago using AG Engine and Machine Cleaner as I had a bottle lying around.
Today I simply used a wet kitchen paper towel and it wiped straight off.