Q5 Q5 MMI not working...


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Just bought a 2010 Q5 and it has MMI and the lead was already installed. However when I connect the IPOD Nano to it, it does nothing.
Any Ideas?
It is a black Audi lead.



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There are several leads available for the MMI in your Q5, you may have the wrong one. I would nip to your nearest Audi dealer and speak to the guys in the parts department. I find them very helpful and they sorted me with the right lead for my phone. I have 2 spare leads which came with my car (SQ5 - welcome to the Q5 club!), one has a maroon collar, part 4F0 051 510 R, and this is for ipod to mmi according to Amazon if you punch the reference into google. The other lead has a yellow collar (part 4F0 051 510 AL) also for ipod/iPhone with the small phone socket - if this makes sense!
You're welcome to PM with an offer if these are indeed the right ones for you. Hope this helps.
P.S have you joined the MYAUDIQ5 forum yet?


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Thanks for the reply. Just joining now! My lead is for the older non lightening connector which is right for my ipod nano. However it has a blue collar.. I have PM you about your maroon collar...


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Also just realised that I have AMI not MMI as I do not have Nav...