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Project/dream car

Raiden Jun 12, 2018

  1. Raiden

    Raiden Well-Known Member

    Wow had some good news today. Some inheritance should be getting sorted out soon and once this property is sold I am due some money so I feel like a kid in a sweet shop. So in the next 6-12 months the dream might be a reality.

    Now thing is being your average man what do I do about storing such a car? Where I live I could hire a normal garage or maybe even buy a small one but is that good to have a car sitting in it during the cold months? Or should I buy a usable classic I can keep on the drive with maybe a cover on it. I've mainly had VAG cars my whole life but the dream car was always an Escort Cosworth but looking online 50k is out my budget so i'm thinking these?

    Subaru impreza P1
    Subaru impreza RB5
    Subaru Cosworth
    Golf MK1 GTI
    Focus MK3 RS
    Escort MK4 RS Turbo
    Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno

    Did think of maybe an old 911 but maintenance won't be cheap or I thought maybe just sell my Golf R and get a new RS3 as a daily. I could blow it all on an Escort Cosworth but I think my wife might not like that. Anyone ever owned the above or have something they drive in the summer?
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  3. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member

    I owned an oldish 996 911 and it didn't cost much to keep on the road. Prices on the up afaik so shouldn't lose money.


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  4. dave_beastttt

    dave_beastttt Active Member Team Meteor TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 S tronic

    Audi Quattro SWB
  5. AudiSpy

    AudiSpy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Audi TT Audi Q5

    Impreza P1 would be great. It will always be cool as well.

    How about a twin turbo Toyota Supra?

    I think my dream is to finish all the ones I have ha!
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  6. Raiden

    Raiden Well-Known Member

    Well after speaking to the Mrs looks like I might have to go with a cheaper option like a MK1 or RB5. Totally forgot but she has an old 1971 mini at her mum's in a garage which was her first car when she past her test yonks ago. Needs a respray and the chrome trim fitted. In the 12 years we've been together I've seen it once and I know it doesn't run so I've promised will get that back on the road along with my toy

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  7. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Cosworth engine in the Mini, problem solved :happy:

    MK1 GTI, AE86 or Scooby would be cool, had a couple light quick car's myself and will no doubt own more in future! Keep you on your toes as they feel about as safe as a motorbike and when combined with an exhaust make you feel like your going 70mph at 30, bhp per ton matters allot too so little mods make a bigger difference.
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  8. Rob Avant

    Rob Avant Active Member TFSI Owners Group Team Phantom Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    One of my friends had a MK4 Escort RS at the end of the 90’s. It was slightly modified and was quick as anything...
    It’s the only car I’ve ever really been scared in (as a passenger) I do remember it being a rust bucket and that was 20 years ago!
    I do have a soft sport for those old Ford’s, especially the escort cossie
  9. Seanchadwick2k3

    Seanchadwick2k3 Audi A6 C6 2.0tdi 2011 Sline Special Edition Audi A6 S-line owners group Le Mans Edition

    Years ago there was a purple escort cosworth around here, it was the first car that I properly fell in love with as a teen. The noise out if itwas amazing. It was all rigged out with white or cream leather cant remember now.

    My uncle has a Daimler coupe locked up in a garage and im hoping to get my hands on that one day.

    No love for mitsubishi?
  10. AudiSpy

    AudiSpy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Audi TT Audi Q5

    Some of the most fun you can have is with a classic mini, restored one with my dad, did some light upgrades to another I had last year and still have our mini hot rod on the go - think classic mini from the windscreen back with a hot rod grille, bonnet and a V8 up front
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  11. Raiden

    Raiden Well-Known Member

    Would love a Tommi Makinen edition but there about 40k now

    Think the mini will be the only project i'll be doing the rate I am going. Been looking for a garage to buy and there are just none about where I live for sale. At least with the mini I could store it at my wife's unit.
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  13. Dan_G

    Dan_G Well-Known Member Team Navarra SQ5 owners group Audi S3

    I'd strongly recommend anything Porsche.

    I have owned a few late 60's and early 90's 911's and prices have rocketed - meaning parts and any work on them also has. Even a bit of welding and paint is several thousand pounds. Serious work is serious money.

    Same story with even cheap 996's now. As 993's keep rising, its beginning to drag up previously economically nonviable cars, but at a cost. Parts started off expensive and are simply becoming rarer and a above, work on these cars is going up in line with their expected future value, not the actual value of the work being carried out.

    I'd go British (TR6) or old school Japanese (Z240) - you dont have to be going a million miles an hour to have fun.
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  14. doncarlyon

    doncarlyon Member

    Depending on budget...
    Mk1 Focus RS
    Mk2 Focus RS

    You wont lose any money on either of those.
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  15. Pinky1959

    Pinky1959 Well-Known Member

    MK 1 or 2 Ford RS2000 /Mexico or a Talbot sunbeam ti
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