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pre-owner here

slimx Dec 19, 2012

  1. slimx

    slimx Registered User

    Hey guys, dont know what you're all like so figure ill play it safe by sticking to tradition and making an entry post. im now in Turkey but i originally came from Australia. I'm young so i plan to modify the vehicle not body kits and ****.. i like the nice clean (factory body mods) etc.

    I was always a jap car guy but now that i'm out here figure its time for a change. Parts are a much more realistic price here.
    Previously owned an
    MX5 SP (heavily modified) & a HONDA INTEGRA DA (Google: LL00UD). and a couple boring cars.

    Also run a performance shop, its safe to assume its against the rules of the forum to post any advertising url's so i'll just say its called SKREEM PERFORMANCE just online accessories and parts.

    Now i'm looking to get an Audi in the VERY near future (this weekend hopefully), i love'm. Plan to go VERY VERY Low, nice VIP style wheels. Not after performance as its a ridiculous price here.

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  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    hi Slim, welcome to audi-sport net. Which model of car you looking into buying? Yes, you are right, advertising is a no no, as we have site sponsors that cover most things. Have a read through the various sections on the forum and read faqs threads at the top of each section that have lots of information on models/chassis. Hope you enjoy the forum. :) x
  4. slimx

    slimx Registered User

    Audi a3 8p1 :)

    Thank u.

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