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Pre facelift to facelift conversion?

denA6 Dec 18, 2014

  1. denA6

    denA6 Registered User

    Just bought a 57 plate pre facelift A6 avant with front damage. Just wondering before I start buying parts- is the facelift version parts a simple bolt on conversion? What parts are different -ie wings, bonnet, headlights, bumper etc????
    Thank you in advance
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  3. Johny2202

    Johny2202 Registered User

    Hi, only difference on wings is that facelift models there is no side turn signal as it is in mirror housing. Bonnet I think is same only windscreen washer jets are different. Bumper easy can be fitted. Headlight housing and fitting points are same but if use headlights with LED DRL you must replace onboard supply control unit and change some wiring connection.
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  4. D5URU

    D5URU Registered User

    you don't have to replace central electric module, software simply can be updated ( no component protection ) and that will give you functionality for full face lift conversion i.e.:led headlights with dimming led when indicator's on and turn signal in mirror housing, which is driven by can bus signal - no additional wiring required. ( you'll also need to replace door control modules for face lift as the ones fitted to your car will not have this option and fit face lift wing mirrors). As mentioned above wiring for headlights needs to be changed too.
  5. mag

    mag Registered User

    Hi guys I’m new to the group welcome! I’m in the process of doin a face lift conversation on my Audi A6 c6 saloon, I have got all the parts that are need ie the boot like rear bumper led lights and brackets for lights and bumper. My concern is the wiring for the led rear lights? Could somebody share some information kind regards mag
  6. martyj200

    martyj200 Registered User

    Hi would you consider doing this conversion for me? I have all parts required and would be interested in a price to have this done? Thanks
  7. Shaun todd

    Shaun todd Registered User

    Would love to know about the pinout change in the headlight upgrade to FL bi-xenon drl . I've fitted them but drl doesn't dim and when I switch to auto or dipped beam I get sidelights/daytime running lights bulb error . Short to plus

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