Powerflex Strut Top Mounts - Golf 4 Leon Mk1 8L A3/S3 Octavia Mk1


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Hey guys and girls!!

Powerflex now start making performance top mounts! So pre-order yours now and get rid of the poor OEM versions!!!!

Give us a call on 0161 776 0777 opt 1 or order online:

Powerflex Top Mounts Mk4 Golf Chassis

Fitment guide:

Audi A3 8L
Audi S3 8L
Audi TT Mk1
Seat Leon Mk1
Seat Toledo Mk2 (1M)
Seat Ibiza 6J - Single Bolt Top Mount Version ONLY
Skoda Octavia MK1
Skoda Fabia Mk2 - Single Bolt Top Mount Version ONLY
VW Golf Mk4
VW Bora
VW Beetle
VW Polo 6R - Single Bolt Top Mount Version ONLY

We have them on order and will be with us soon!

Awesome Mike


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So in terms or stiffness and durability, what are these like compared to the lcr top mounts? Will their be a noticed improvement in handling etc? Is it psi tuning or somethin like that, they offer some red poly top mounts and ive read nothing but bad reviews over them, various noises and early failures!


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The ones PSI offer are thinner than the OEM bushes which lowers the car more... But is not the correct way to go about it as by doing it that way it can cause excessive movement towards the top of the strut.

We have been testing these on one of our staff cars, there is a little more noise, harshness and vibration. As you would expect with any Performance/stiffer bush. He did notice a great improvement in the way the car driven compared to the stock top mounts that were fitted to him Mk4 Golf, turned in much better an they make the spring do their job rather than it being passed on to the bushes... If you know what I mean :)

These will last much, much longer than any stock OEM rubber bush.

Had no problems so far with them.



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Sounds good.

Where the bushes on the golf the original ones or what was the mileage of them?

have you compared the powerflex ones to lcr ones then? Im interested as ive got the lcr ones and dont want to pay out etc for powerflex ones when the gains be not be apparent.


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To be fair the ones on the test car were quite old so he will see a nice difference anyway :)

End of the day the LCR are still made from rubber so they will still compress and perish, where as the Powerflex version will not :)

I have not tested them new LCR vs Powerflex but if it is anything like other bushes, the Powerflex always work better than the stock version even against solid rubber bushes.