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Post Cat O2 sensor replacement on B5 2.8L

desertsage Feb 9, 2020

  1. desertsage

    desertsage Registered User

    Does anyone have experience with this? I crawled under my car yesterday, hoping to take this on but am bewildered by the wire routing that runs above the exhaust and propeller shaft and disappears above the transmission. I found nothing in the Bentley Manual about this procedure. Is it possible to cut the wire and splice near the sensor or pull the new wire and connector through?
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  3. Bbflex

    Bbflex Registered User

    It should go to a plug on the bulk head, in the black plastic holders that holds the pre and post cat lambdas and maybe a couple of other connections.

    technically yes you can cut and join a new sensor on, if your going to do this you may as well get a Bosch repair sensor kit that comes as a sensor with a set length of wire on it and a connection box and through crimps, I would try and protect the connections though due to them being underneath the car.
  4. desertsage

    desertsage Registered User

    Thank you! While working on bleeding my clutch release cylinder yesterday I investigated the O2 sensor wire routing a little further. I'm pretty sure that I can fish the connector up or sensor down through and pretty much keep the original routing. Looks tough to get it zip tied along the way, keeping it away from exhaust and moving parts but I'll do the best that I can. I took the leap and ordered 4 new Bosch sensors. Here we go!
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