Possible car sale (gauging any interest)


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Currentry concluding a deal on an SQ7 and going to part ex my car.
details below in case any interest before I do as it’s a good spec and probs worth more…

My car is 2017 (67) Audi A6 avant black edition
Low miles under 31k
All Audi service history
No outstanding finance
Technology pack
Bose upgrade
Heated/electric/memory black leather
Front and rear sensors + reverse camera

I also have the Bentley 21” wheels with bread new falken tyres, wheels have just been freshened and a spare set of 4 centres in silver. The car has been lowered on eibach springs (Still have the original black edition springs also) and a full RS7 red leather/Alcantara interior with carbon backed seats and centre console, in addition full rs6 carbon trims. Seas are heated, electric, memory as per the original seats so plug and play.

Can sell all parts separately if anyone wants individuals

offer on car as per first pic without wheels and seats is £22400
can do a deal on all boys at once if anyone wants

had big plans for this year but new family additions has put paid to it


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Nice car, SQ7 is s great choice too. How much for the RS6 carbon trim?
Hi, yes Ive had the car since 500 miles as it was ex demo, its been treated well.
Was waiting for warranty to expire before doing anything and was just collecting parts til then, however all change now!

I paid 1000 for the full set, so id like that back id possible
I have the lower centre console carbon too but for some reason its not int he pics above


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Also forgot ive had some stuff enabled on the car:
Needle sweep on start up
Remote boot closure
Dynamic braking
Apple car play
Bose is the upgrade so it has the 60gb hard rive aswell as upgraded amplifier
In the boot i have the luggage separator and the cargo net etc with electric parcel shelf


A6 Allroad / 435D
Slight hi-jack, but I assume you got the centre bore machined on the Bentley wheels to increase them to 66.6?