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Phone problems 2013 model A8

very annoyed May 3, 2014

  1. very annoyed

    very annoyed New Member

    Bought new 2013 A8 few months back and once I outed my iPhone (no SIMM access - I'm sure that subject has been covered on here a few times!?) anyway I got Samsung S4 mobile phone and all connected well, Google Earth worked fine on the satnav etc. Just recently I've not been getting the names in my phone book displaying on the car phone directory? They used to be there now all I get are the phone numbers. The names are being displayed in the missed, recently dialled and missed call lists but not in the phone book directory? I've tried re-pairing the device with the car a number of times but this don't make any difference Any suggestions guys?
  2. alanyork

    alanyork Member

    Id take it to your local Audi main dealer, Mines allways been helpfull with my car , (free aswell)

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