Hi there my son has a 2007 a3 2.0 sline tdi 170bhp bmn the dipstick housing tube has broke from the top mount sitting on the alternator looking for some help please can you replace these tubes and by this i mean the tube that the dipstick slides into if so where can i get one from or maybe a part number.

Also if this can be changed has anybody done this or is there a gudie that i could look at.
Many thanks for your help and time.


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These parts are cheap (and prone to breaking) - get the part, and a new dipstick directly from Audi or TPS is there is one local. Can’t help with part number sorry but this issue is frequently discussed here.
Thanks for that son was having kittens about it will give tps a ring for him monday do you have any idea on how these are fitted or is there a guide any where thanks


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Best place to search for a guide would be on YouTube. One of the big issues with the TFSI petrol engine is with the original orange dipstick crumbling away and bits dropping into the sump. Easy replacement but the new part is yellow so looks a bit strange sitting in an orange dipstick tube. I searched everywhere for a guide to replace the tube but there are none. I asked at RTech and AKS and they gave some help.
Essentially, on the petrol engine at the lower end, the tube is held on to a lower metal section with friction and an o ring making a seal. I undid the top securing bracket and made a loop to pull with from a cable tie. Apply upward force and it will pop off. However, on the petrol engine the tube is not straight and so you have to rotate it as it comes out. You can work out if the TDi is similar by looking at the new part and imagining how it would come out then you do the reverse to reinstall.

As indicated, my experience is with the petrol engine and I have replaced tubes on an S3 and TT successfully. You would have to plan carefully.
Thanks for your help been looking everywhere no joy, the best i can get is pics off the engine out on google which seems to show shots off how it fits but not a pic of how it sit on the engine, just carry on looking but a big thank you for your help