OBDEleven devices for A3 S-Line


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Absolutely, obdeleven user here. Used it on my 2008 caddy, a mates 2005 golf my previous 2012 TTS and my 2015 rs3. Great bit of kit. I bought it as I was not aware of vcds at the time otherwise would have perhaps gone down this route. If your good on a computer and quite techie then vcds would probably be the better buy.


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Hi guys any advice on whether the OBDeleven devices are worth buying for my 2010 A3 S-line
I had bought the VCDS cable and spent hours trying to install the software but couldn't. The OBDeleven isn't cheap but it can do 95% of the things the VCDS can do but it's far easier and hooks to the phone. It also keeps logs of old codes if you long code and make a mistake.