O/S Front Window Problem, Went bang !!!


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Hello all,

Driving along tonight & the drivers window as it went up went bang. I've taken the door card off wedged a block of wood as the window wouldn't go up.

Now i know these suffer with window reg problems. But my question is do they normally go bang. Also when tring to raise the window it got bout 2inches then kept dropping.

Im pretty sure its the cable thats had it !!!

A3 1.8 20V T - Quattro - 2000 - 3 Door


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Broken window clip mate, the fix is in the FAQs section. You can still close the window, with the door open and the car running, flick the window switch, then quickly grab the window glass as it comes up from both the inside and outside of the window and pull up before it gets stuck and drops back down!


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order a new clip from audi/vw.
30 mins max job to sort.
I would order two clips whilst you are there for what they cost just so you dont have this hassle again with that door and make sure you grease the runners before you put it all back together again.


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Done, all working again. I replaced both clips.

Thanks all the same :yes: