Nogaro Twins (New 8V S3)


Noggies ruuuule!
Hi All,

This is my first post in the 8V section. I’ve owned a Nogaro Blue S3 (original 8L model) for ten years now and yesterday I bought myself basically the exact same car! Another 3 door S3 in Nogaro blue! It’s a very late 2016 model with 7 speed S-Tronic, but it was just early enough to get the facelift version with (306bhp). So now I’m stuck with two S3s but I don’t know if I can sell my original because I just know in the future I’ll want it back! So for now it’s tucked up in the garage until I decide what to do.

As for the new S3....It is ‘night and day’ in terms of difference to the 8L version and the technology in it is out of this world. Performance is very capable and as the car is also my daily, it’s very quiet, smooth and comfortable also.

This particular model has the following trim features:
1. Super sport seats (heated with lumbar)
2. Virtual cockpit
3. Wireless charging mat for phone
4. Parking system plus with camera
5. Cruise control
6. Sat Nav with google maps and 4G.
7. DAB digital radio
8. Red brake callipers
9. Heated/folding mirrors

I think that’s about it. It’s quite highly specced. I would have also liked the premium sound system as I have Bose in my older S3. Also I would have liked the larger 19” alloys but I can always get those fitted at a later date. I only have one picture. I had to get an aeroplane from Heathrow to Edinburgh to go and get it - that’s how much love I have for a noggy S3! Anyway, car was perfect on the 7hr drive home. Can’t wait for some nice weather to clean it and get to know it better. Looking forward to becoming more active on this side of also.

P.S The leaking thermostat has already been replaced and fixed by Audi under warranty.

My new 2016 8V model

My original 2002 8L model
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Enjoy your new 8V S3. Noggy blue is an all time great colour, and to have an 8L as well is lucky. Both great cars.


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Two cracking examples of the S3. Nogaro is a cracking colour.

Your 8L S3 looks a fantastic example. I lusted after one of these back in the day. Teesside Audi had a Red 225 bhp version sat in their showroom. It was just too expensive for what I earned at that time.

If we'd had PCP back then, that Red Beauty would have been mine.


Noggies ruuuule!
Yes I was after a misano red 8L back in the day but couldn’t find one no matter how hard I tried and this Noggy was a bit expensive at the time but when I saw it I couldn’t resist. I’ve never owned a car for as long as the little 8L which is why I’m now quite attached to it. As for the 8V I wasn’t actively looking for a new car but I’m always browsing auto trader etc. I saw the Noggy 8V realising how rare it was these days due to the expensive paint option and bought it because I knew that if I didn’t, somebody else would. Thanks for the welcome, everyone :)


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Lovely S3 - the FL 310 cars do sound nice

It would be awesome if you could keep them both...
Hi, Love the 8L, Never actually had one but dreamed of them when I had my Kingfisher blue 1.8T sport..... Id love to pick up an 8L as a track toy but keep spending on my 8V,