No Aircon During Regen B8.5


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My Euro6 B8.5 aircon does not blow cold while the car is doing a regen, this is really annoying on a hot day. Anyone got a fix for it?
Today I had to park it up to let it finish it's regen while I had an ice cream in an air con cooled McDonalds, then it was OK afterwards!


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How did it finish the regen while you stopped the car and went into McDonalds? All you did was interrupt it mid-regen and it will want to do another one soon to make up for the interrupted one. If it's doing a regen keep driving and let it finish properly.

As for your air-con issue, can't help I'm afraid.


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Dunno, but it worked! No problem since. No fault codes so I guess it's designed to shut off the aircon while doing a regen.


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You'd think it would stay on to put extra load on the engine.