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Newbie with 2.5tdi - diesel’ie smoke

Derwood1985 Dec 27, 2017

  1. Derwood1985

    Derwood1985 New Member

    Evening all. Hoping someone can help me as read a bit and you guys seem to know your stuff!
    I’ve been having a bit of a starting, occasionally lumpy running and heavy diesel from the exhaust either when cold or normal running temps......
    Been investigating and can confirm no DTC’s stored and not the EGR stuck. But when revving the engine (when not in gear) and getting to 2500 rpm I get a bang and the whole car tilts. Nothing noticeable happens when driving. Also when holding there a @ 2000 rpm the engine hunts +-200 rpm (please see the vid).
    I hope you can hear the pitch change when the revs hit 2500 rpm and I’m thinking this is the second stage of the pump opening up.
    Can anyone suggest a plan of action, what to check first second etc.
    I also have a Carista so I don’t have to borrow someone’s - are they any good?

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