New to the Forum, looking to buy an 8L S3 this year!


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Hi, just a quick first post hello!
I've had my eye on buying an S3 for a while now after selling my Mk1 Focus RS.
I'm gonna be holding out for a mint one as i'm in no rush. Want to spend about 4-5k, hopefully get one as close to untouched standard as possible. Looks like the classifieds on here are a good source of loved ones!
I work in an MOT testing station, am currently working up to being an MOT tester and my day to day job includes all sorts of mechanical and diagnostic work, mainly clutches and gearboxes though. We do a lot of VAG too, and i think that is what has made me stray away from the Fords!
Already got plans such as coilovers, scirocco wheels, want to do a hybrid turbo aswell but it will be a long term project so we will see how things go.
Anyway, i'm gonna have a look around on here for advice and ideas, cheers!



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It really is a nice car and I am over the moon with mine but look at them carefully and speak with the owners as you will find standards differ I looked at quite a few described as imaculate excellant etc and they where nothing like.
However there are really good ones which have been cherished and its just a case of finding them ideally look for reciepts as well as stamps mine had all the stamps and reciepts for all work done at a specalist and there is a complete differance in the way a good sorted one drives.
Take your time and the right one will turn up good luck in your search



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Hi rich, welcome to ASN. Hope you find the car your looking for. Have a read through the faqs sections at the top of the page, a lot of good information in there. Where are you located? Enjoy the forum. :)