New here...Was looking for some info :)



Hi all! Just joined here after trawling the interweb for somewhere deacent to talk bout my car.
Recently got a 1.9tdi a4 (90bhp), and since i came from a modding background, (i previously had a Vauxhall corsa.......:( ) i was looking for some information on modding my audi. I have read on numerous sites....ebay being one of them, about these "AMAZING" superchips, you simply plug in between the car and the ECU. now i dont really think they would be up to much....but as i say, looking for information here. Atm i got a budget of around £300. looking to add some power to the car....but not massive ammounts..yet!! i was wondering, will an aftermarket air filter... like one from K&N do much to the power??? because that seems like a good starting point in my opinion.

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stay well clear of the eBay Chips, there are many past posts explaining why! Complete scam!


Get a house name chip like superchips ou upsolute and later larger injectors. that should be enough to start with.


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There are various reputable plug in modules from HOPA, TUNIT [sp] and such like. They retail from suppliers for in the region of £400, but they are often found second hand on ebay and can be a bargain. Make sure that they are for your specific engine code and avoid the unknown brands.

Star Performance in Glenrothes ( does a good business in derv tuning and even if you don't buy from there, i'm sure they can advise on what is reputable. Last time I was there they had a few used units up for grabs.