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New Audi S4 owner checking in

benh999 Nov 25, 2010

  1. benh999

    benh999 Registered User

    [​IMG][​IMG]Evening folks just thought I'd check in, been a keen follower of audis for a while, previously owing an A4 tdi and An S3.

    My latest and long term investment is my Audi S4. She is a 2001 51 reg avant, one of the last off the line. Completely standard apart from a 315bhp AMD remap. Came with £5k of extras from new inc RS4 interior, Load through rear seat, dvd player with monitors in headrests, usual refinements inc BOSE entertainment system.

    Absolutley stunning condition 116k miles and drives like a new car. Very happy with her and currently have no plans to change her one bit :)

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  3. tdia4

    tdia4 TDIPOWARRR

    You do right leaving it as it is, looks nice, only thing I would do is fit some bigger wheel to fill them archs up abit.
  4. phoenixv6quattro

    phoenixv6quattro staylowmovefast

    Thats a tidy S4 buddy! I would remove the rings stickers but hey its your car and if you like them leave them.....

  5. benh999

    benh999 Registered User

    Yup I love her, thought about the B5 RS4 multi spokes or maybe the 18" avus wheels but I dont want to "jack the car up" and then that leads me onto lowering the car!!!! Dream to drive tho
  6. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Registered User

    18" wheels with lower profile tryes would have the same rolling radius, so you wouldn't be 'jacking the car up'.

    Looks very nice aside from the ring stickers on the side. Sounds like an excellent spec too.

    My advice is to leave it as it is and enjoy it. When you start reading too much into these forums you can easily end up getting sucked into buying the 'must have upgrades'. I did that, and i'm a much poorer man for it. Wish I had left mine standard!

    ps. Avus 18" wheels FTW!
  7. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User


    You can hope to leave it standard, but that doesnt alter the fact that it does need a mild drop (and the rear springs WILL break at some point), and at 112k the OEM shocks will be getting a bit past it, as will the bushes.

    Replacing all the front arms, TRE's and rear bushes will completely transform how the car drives, and i'd recommend doing this even if you believe they're all good (unless you have history of them being changed).

    The OEM suspension is alright, but if you want to replace tired out components you may as well upgrade. The rear springs are prone to snapping, and fitting a pair of new OEM rears will then highlight the fact that the front springs have sagged out and it'll look like a dragster. As such, I'd recommend the Eibach Pro-Kit springs and a set of Bilstein shocks, which gives almost factory ride quality, but makes the car drive so much better thru the twisties! (See recent thread by AndyC for pics and more info on that)

    I also dont really like the Avus 17's, they dont do the car justice and make it look dated imo. The 18" Avus's from the B6 model have the same styling but look fresher, or you can go with something like the BBS CH or LM which really sets the car off.

    I'd also be removing the rings on the door as mentioned above!
  8. nwmlarge

    nwmlarge flat out

    rs4 reps all the way mate.
  9. Tuffty

    Tuffty Registered User

    Love how people have just spent the best part of a grand for you lol
    Nice car, just keep on top of the servicing and she should keep you smiling for a long time to come.
  10. benh999

    benh999 Registered User

    Yes folks the rings will be going. Both rear springs have been replaced. I will be addressing the suspension as and when required. Car came with freshly service and I already have bought the top spec Contitech cambelt kit with tensioners, pulleys etc She goes into RSD VAG specialists in Daventry on Tuesday who have always maintained any VAG I've owned and I cannot recommend them wholly enough. As with all my cars I have them serviced on time, and always drop the oil half way between service intervals ;-)

    The s4 has been a bit of a dream car for me since my dads friend bought one new and took me out in it. The way the v6 pulls and the delivery from the turbos is brutal but smooth, the RS4 must be a bit of a beastie!!!

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