need fast answer as you will see when you read on


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this come from a bloke i knows brother and there sis is mint so as much help as poss would help me out to lol /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

2003 A3 8P 2.0FSI sport
"I'm having real regrats about not getting boss speakers,
Now i've got together enough money to get a new set,
I was wondering if there is someone who'd be kind enough to let me know how to access the door speakers and the little tweekers. Wiring is going to be an issue so if someone can give me some instructions and post some pics that'll be great!!
also if someone can tell be what's behind the sidewalls of the boot and how to take them off that'll be great! 1st one to post back may get a chance to date my sister."


How delightfully shallow!

Cant help you at all, but best of british luck!!!



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He wants to think imself lucky he doesn't have boss, and tell him they are a German clothing brand, and Bose make the awful speaker systems he is probably thinking of. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

The Bose set up in the 8P A3 is not brilliant, and to retrofit it you need to put the Bose amp in and change all the speakers and obviously re wire the car because you will be going from the rear to the front speakers instead of the head unit that he has with the current set up.

He would be far, far better to spend say £100 on a 2 channel amp and the same on a set of front component speakers for the amp. Dead easy to wire in and will give you far better results than adding Bose. If you search the TalkAudio forum you will see some stunning deals on used kit. My mate bought a genesis 2 channel amp and the Genesis A.16 speakes for under £250 for the both, the sound it stunning for the money, it is stunning for £500 or whatever they cost new.


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To be honest I don't think pics are needed, the fact that she is being given away probably says it all! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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i'd help you out but its something thats really hard to explain over the internet and phone etc.. its something you need to be shown..

door card is simple.. if you can't take that off then i wouldn't attept the rest to be honest...

but my advise to getting the tweeter out is to undo the glove box which then allows you to grab the trim better in which is a simple unclip.. and also allows you to feed wires from the headunit to the doors/tweeters neat and tidy.