My A4 1.8T Sport For sale or Breaking

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Well decided to get a new motor with my job going well and what not so i will be getting rid of my Audi, I am open to offers for her as she stands if i cant get near the sort of figue i think i would get if i broke her up then i will be selling off the parts sepertly.

Here is a little spec list and pics
Rieger RS4 front bumper
S4 side skirts
Colour coded rear bumper skirt
Facelift projector headlights
Facelift rear lights
RS4 grille
Samco hoses (red)
Bailey DV30 diverter valve
N75J valve
Supersprint center exhaust with Remus backbox
H&R coilovers
19" BBS CH with 4 good tyres
APR center vent boost gauge
German plates (metal) with ABT plate surrounds






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grill please! how much?

come to think of it, if you do break it I will take the N75 and teh APR gauge

Glenn A4

Loving the A4
ok all the people who have pmed me about the parts i want to try and sell it whole for now, i am not in any rush to get rid of the car, It would be a shame to break it up but if i cant sell it say in 3 weeks i will start breaking it up, i have had a load of pms about the parts so it looks like it will make me a few quid more breking it but i didnt relise there was that much intrest in the parts so i think the best thing for me to do and the fairest is to put them all on ebay and let you lot sort it out for yourselfs. Ill post up the links when i get the stuff on the bay.

cheers and thanks for looking and if any one would like the car as it stands i would take 2k no offers


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Shame to see a lovely example after all the work you have put into it. :respekt:
however the sad thing is most people wont buy modified cars as soon as you try to insure it most insurance companies dont want to know or charge you the earth for the premium.

all the best m8 :icon_thumright:

what you gonna buy to replace?


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Give me a shout if you decide to break it, interested in a few parts, will PM you with the list

Glenn A4

Loving the A4
picked up my new car yesterday

here she is


i am going to florida on monday for 2 weeks so the audi wil be broken or sold when i get back. if any one wants to look at the car i can arrange my brother to show it to you so if you pm me before monday with a phone number ill get him to give you a ring