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Mmi3 g and iPhone

dentsy Apr 18, 2020

  1. dentsy

    dentsy Loving my new to me allroad

    Good evening everyone firstly I hope your all doing well and keeping safe .
    I have successfully installed an ami cable now to my glovebox and it’s all activated, I’m looking now to see the best option for me to plug my phone into this port to allow me to stream my Apple Music from my iPhone with the facility to show track information in my mmi screen and have full control over skipping to next track etc on my mmi controls. My car is a 2010 C6 allroad with mmi 3G high. What would you recommend please I’ve tried plugging in my phone to a yellow collar lead to the port but it just says wrong lead or not supported.

    what colour collar lead would allow this ?

    I see some people have mentioned ami Bluetooth receivers but I’m unsure if these actually will show track information and also allow mmi and steering wheel controls.

    appreciate any info on how you hook up your iPhone to the 3G mmi system via ami.

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