Misano Red mk1 TT Quattro Project


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Just realised ive not actually posted any photos of my car on here since i joined up. So ill do a quick summery catch up of the TT until now. Still got loads of plans.

So having owned a fully modified Ford Focus, i wanted something a little less boy racerish, but at the same time something that wouldnt look out of place at a Car show.....or sitting outside a high end business meeting. My cousin was selling her TT, and for a laugh i rang my insurance company who quoted me no change in policy price! Dunno how that worked out 100odd bhp focus 1.6. hatchback to a 225bhp sports car. Due to the high price and low MOT on my cousins i didnt want to buy it and run into issues, and make her feel bad....and at the same time didnt want to low ball her a price etc. So i went on the hunt of one of my own, at the time there was 3 forsale, 2 Silvers and 1 red. 1 Silver just sold, and the other had 175k and only half leather....which was a no....i dont like red cars....but i decided to go up and see it anyway! Saw it and fell in love <3




2003 1.8T BAM engine 225bhp Quattro Facelift, Rare colour combination as well Misano Red with Grey/silver leather most have black. So clean with every receipt from new full service history and very well looked after! had just about every optional extra ticked from the factory too, apart from SatNav which satnav in 2003 was non existent basically for Northern Ireland coverage! and Cruise Control...again not something you'd use to often unless your on the motorway all the time.

Car was bought in September 2012, and had no intentions of modifying until the new year a nice set of lowering springs to just bring it down a bit futher than the factory 20mm.........but by November i had a Debadge Grill (was in 2 minds about it, but it was cheap!) Spacers all round, Roof spoiler, and Coilovers ordered, as well as a Forge Split-R valve, and K&N Filter.

Then in December i bought some new wheels! Wont be to everyones tastes, I Did/Do like them i saw potential in them so bought them, they are 19x9, 19x9.5, Complete One Off a kind set of Braid Wheels, 3 piece split rims with hidden hardware, and tyre valve behind the wheel face.

In February i decided that the Braids as much as i liked them and saw potential in the cars look, i would NEED to go down the Air route and have the car seriously low with some crazy modifications to make it complete so decided to put them on the back burner for a while and back to OEM



Sadly the Clutch later went, So had it replaced by a local "specialist" which i later regretted but you learn from your mistakes, but an upgraded clutch and Flywheel was installed, Also fitted a US Spec plate blank from Audi, and the Petrol Cap Etched with the Quattro Logo/text.




Took a mad notion of selling it as i was dailying the car everyday and to work and home again i was getting bored so took it for a spin round the Mournes and fell in love again


Then decided to get some new wheels, the OEM wheels i loved, but due to them needing a refurb, and 4 different budget tyres price for a full refurb, and 4 decent tyres, i could buy a new set....and plus with winter round the corner, one patch of ice or salt damaging the newly refurbed rims. Bought some HRE Performance Style Vintage 501 wheels in 18x8.5 and 18x9.5 with 225/45 tyres. Also fitted up some Red intercooler hoses.





Shortly before all this i had quite a few breakin attempts and attempted thefts on the car and no were to store the car, i nearly had to sell the car after £300 worth of damage, but thankfully i was able to get a Unit with a mate to store/work on our projects and bought a daily. Fast foward till this year, i soon learned never share things with "friends" especially when it comes to money, i then pulled out of the unit and got myself my own.


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Got the TT Ready for Dubshed were i had gotten accepted for an Indoor spot again (third year in a row)
New boot build (TT bit needed to be redone)

Then after seeing the new RS6 i loved the Quattro badge in the lower section of the grill and wondered if it would work on the TT. So took a chance and ordered one! and also a Cupra R splitter.


Morning of dubshed was a bad start with denting the door on my daily, and forgetting to park the car ingear (always lift hand brake and park in gear) this time for some reason i didnt....and the car rolled down the hill nearly into a ditch.....i was for going home and stay in bed...didnt want to chance the TT....but arrived up and was actually into the MAIN show hall this year rather than the side halls as previous years.

And the Cherry on top being i came home Runner up in the TT class!! (White TT mk2 next to me came first!)


Few shows later







Then few weeks back was Coolnights Show, which for those who dont know is a show basically in darkness, and you have to make your car stand out/light up in some way. So being a graphic designer/sign writer/Vinyl wrapper i decided to use some reflective vinyl so it lights up under certain lights, also wired in some underbody neons.





And the car in darkness lit up by the flash



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On to coolnights, i ended up sleeping in and leaving half the stuff i was suppose to bring at home/unit, including some of my lights! Ended up doing a bit of the pinstripe on my good friends impreza too while at the show.




The vinyl was only supposed to be on for the show and taken off a few days after, but decided to keep it on for a while for a bit of fun. to say it breaks necks is an understatement, EVERYONE you drive past young old, every car you drive past EVERYONE stops and stares! has drawn in quite a bit of work too which is also a plus for the business. Went to a local cruise the other day had literally only stopped the car and got out and people were over asking about it, I thought it was gona get ALOT of hate, but alot of people like it especially the older ones who remember the Original Tron film.

Planing a Full make over the next year will be done over the year. New wheels, body work, New interior mods and engine mods more for a fast road race car type look maybe, then eventually air suspension etc. Planning on bringing the car to England next year to quite a few shows, and planning a trip across Europe in 2017 in it attending Worthersee and the Nurburgring.


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Awesome right up, love red mk1s!

Thanks mate, Red wasnt my first choice, but after seeing it and seeing it wasnt a standard "red" colour being Misano with the goldy/yellow tinge to it i fell in love with it at first sight!

Original design still looks great imho even after all these years!


Yeah amazing how a car that was first released in 99 still fits in today! everyone assumes its a recent car!

Stunning mate, love the vinyl pinstripes fir the show too, very TRON looking.

Thanks, yeah i actually love the stripes, still have them on the car now infact :tearsofjoy:,Though everyone comments on the stripes and relating it to Tron especially from the older ones they all love it! though think ill have them off in the next week or two before the next show....considering a full colour change wrap, though time will determine that.


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TTs been out more the last few weeks than its been out the rest of the year lol cruises etc last month every weekend and up and down the country found myself in bangor last weekend, and ended up going right round the coast down to portaferry and back up and round down to downpatrick etc at silly hours in the morning just for a drive!

Photo from one of the cruises in Sprucefield a couple of weeks back

Since Racewars (Paul Walker Memorial show) had been canceled I decided to start stripping the car down ready to start work for next year so out comes the interior!

And had some free time while waiting on graphics being cut in the unit and took a few photos and removed the tron lines, and remove the glue over the next few days.






Then in typical fashion had a busy week and decided to go to the Autolifers meet at PMG yesterday, ment i was in the unit late saturday night, and from early sunday morning removing as much glue from the vinyl as i could before having to leave. Pic from the Autolifers Cars & Coffee meet.

Car will hopefully be getting booked into the bodyshop over the coming weeks ready for the bodywork to be sorted and FINALLY get the plate blank painted instead of vinyl wrapped!! lol Have alot of plans over the coming months! though most of which will be keep'd under wraps till the shows, but all going to plan the car will be a massive difference to how it looks now :D


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A Mate took a photo from the Autolifers meet.

Then it was time to get the car ready for some work



Raised the car (SLIGHTLY :lol:) enough to get it about on the standard wheels,



Going to get Engine raisers fitted next, hopefully help with the eating CV joints issue, 8 days the last one lasted and obviously change the CV joint again :lol: Then time to get it into the bodyshop and few other mods :p

And for a laugh me and a mate decided to make up some Car related Ugly Christmas jumpers :lol: So this is mine (excuse my poor modeling skills :lol: ), hers has an Impreza on it :lol: Joys of owning a Garment Press and Vinyl Cutter in work :p


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Lovely clean motor mate the reflective stuff is really impressive never seen that before nice little touches also keep it up!


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Brought it up to its final outing this year to a local Cruise, mate got a photo of it, also got stopped by the Police for the first time in 3 years running no plate :busted cop: pulled off to the side and the car looked round but thankfully the car is all legal bar the obvious lack of plate, but got let on anyway no fines :rockwoot:


Then straight back to the workshop to get stuck in!

Engine hoist ready to support the engine for the new custom engine mounts & raisers to go in.


Started work on the Custom roll cage for the rear, its no were near the finished item.

Nice clean build dude

Thanks Mate

Lovely clean motor mate the reflective stuff is really impressive never seen that before nice little touches also keep it up!

Cheers, Ive only ever seen it done with standard colours, though ive seen a few more crop up now using reflective vinyl now since, defiantly got some looks! Going to miss it.....but defiantly not going to miss having to remove the glue off it :glee:


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Thanks J14hob

Been really busy with work lately and not been able to get anywhere near the TT :evil: but work pays the bills :lol: Though set aside afew hours yesterday to get stuck in as ive only 9 weeks left, and its still to go into the bodyshop. :eek:

So the first half of the cage is now ready to be tacked up over the weekend, and hopefully be ready to start the second half next week. Ive decided to dress the engine bay up a bit more this year so picked up a few bargains on ebay for a second Charge pipe, Intake manifold, and throttle body, although they are in quite bad state nothing a bit of elbow grease cant sort!

Stripped the powder coating of the charge pipe with nitromors, was considering getting it blasted with other stuff in work, but its they arent going out to the blasters/powdercoaters next week so decided just to strip it back my self, little more work but long term save some time. Also debaffled the charge pipe while i was at it as well.

50/50shot on the manifold


Charge Pipe

Both going to end up mirror polished finish all being well, going to be a long slow process but it will be worth it! Going to be replacing the intercooler hoses on both these to new Red Forged items while im at it. Then get the cage finished up next week and ready to send the car to the bodyshop. Also got some wood to make a start on the boot build when it comes back from the bodyshop, need to order the new subs, and aload of other wee bits im looking.


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Thought id up date this quite a bit happened over the last few weeks mad rush getting it ready for show season, mainly dubshed here in Northern Ireland atm (which is next weekend!!!)

After my daily 207 blowing the turbo and blowing hoses snapping clips i had to daily the TT for a bit, hit a big chunk of snow/ice going to work and damaged the exhaust putting a hole in my Flexi pipe, (im guessing it was on its way out scraping the odd speed bump dips on road etc the snow/ice was just the final nudge)....but instead of replacing the flexi....this was ordered.


Pipewerx 3" Downpipe and Decat (Sports cat will come in future, as well as a cat back set up)
This and a few other mods plan'd for the near future should get me closer to the 300bhp mark!

Progress on the turbo charge pipe and inlet manifold, still a bit more polishing to do but its getting there.

After (doesnt seem to be too shiney but its in a white room with a low white ceiling so not much detail to mirror off)

Still a good bit more polishing to do on the turbo charge pipe.

Also Picked the car up from Paintworkz tonight after getting a few bits painted up etc and the front bumper smoothed. Finially after saying for years about painting my Genuine Audi US plate blank, and running it vinyl wrapped for the last few years, saying to my self ill get it painted for next show and it never happened.. after some paint damage it was a good excuse to have it painted then.....but i decided to have it smoothed instead.



Also had my strut brace colour coded. Was normally black i decided to polish it too like the charge pipe and manifold....got half way threw and thought ****** that! so had it colour coded instead, bit unsure atm but im sure it will look better when the engine bay work is finished and the plastics are refitted and some red hoses down the line, im hoping it should tie in well.

ECS Tuning Dogbone mount arrived the other day too,

Hopefully get it and the downpipe and decat fitted on Monday, then can get it lowered and wheels swapped over for dubshed and the rest cleaned up. Awaiting another delievery still which was going to be quite abig/small detail change outside but it doesnt look like its going to be here for Dubshed...and even if it does ill definatly have no time to do the work and finish the rest of the car, but ill hopefully have it sorted for the next show dont want to rush it.


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Just realised i haddnt updated this in a while.

Got the exhaust fitted...but sadly my blow out wasnt in the flexi as i first thought....it was in the manifold. so still running a blow out, ordered up new gaskets to replace the manifold gasket, turbo, exhaust gaskets. But heres a youtube video of the exhaust with still blow out very bad quality sound as it was hailstones on a tin garage.

Fast foward a bit till Dubshed wheels swapped over and good polish. Another Great indoor spot in the main hall.



Then the next night disaster :(


Not exactly sure what happened but driving towards banbridge i felt a bit of a "flat tyre/ bad wheel balance" vibration/sound, pulled over tyre was fine, checked the wheel bolts again fine, knowing my drive shaft has been hanging out of it for months after the CV joint only lasting a few days before chewing up again i couldnt be botherd changing it just yet, so assumed it was just about to go comepletely and drove on slowly to try make it back to the workshop.... noise got worse and worse....then basically silence....hit a slighly sunken drain cover and the car hit the ground and slid down the road on the subframe :( after alot of hassle and time i managed to get the car back to the workshop, and on further inspection the wheel had cracked and deformed, possibly due to a huge pot hole i had hit earlier (about 5mile or so before the vibration started), possibly working out of shape as i drove and vibrated the wheel bolts loose or something i duno....either way its happened and needs to be fixed. So far the damage looks to be only cosmetically, other than a few light scufs on the sump, subframe, and exhaust, and the brake disk and caliper scraped mechanically its fine. The wing, arch liner and side skirt are bent and pulled out of shape, then obviously the fractured and hole in the wheel.

Rather than leaving the car sitting up for months while i saved to get the mods done how i wanted it i decided to do what i could to get the car semi presentable and mobile (also with some renovations planned for the garage i needed to get the TT out of the corner) Managed to bend the arch brakets back into shape and the majority of the arch and skirt, still not 100% but it made the car driveable and less noticeable.

Then fast forward to another show Loughgall my car was used onthe Naviwax stand


Came back to the yard to find another TT.


Fast forward again to Letstance show nothing much changed


Split some of the standard breather hoses so ordered up the replacement Forge Motorsport items, want to keep the engine bay subtle so opted for the black ones. Also fitted up some new rear calipers as i had a sticky caliper i was always greasing up to get me by but with dailying it this last while i had to get it sorted.

After splitting more hoses and the TIP and the exhaust gaskets still not fitted due to dailying the car, and having no interest in fixing my actual daily as everytime i fixed it something else broke, i decided it was about time i treated the TT to some new mods.

Front mount intercooler kit :D and a pile of hoses, the idea behind the colour scheme of the hoses is the Main boost hoses in Red (Upper left boost hose, Upper Right boost hose, Turbo Intake Pipe) and the rest in black.

Weather was good last weekend and decided to take it on a run to another car show...got bored sitting in traffic so went to go home.....then saw the sun and the morune moutains i couldnt resist as spin....




5mins later.......

Notice the big black trail on the passenger side of the bumper! I had hit the sump :(

The damage

Hopefully i havent done any serious damage just the sump (also front bumper is wrecked and cracked due to towing etc) but engine wise hopefully its just a matter of a new sump and new oil. though while im at it im going to replace the oil pick up pipe as its a comon issue with these if the wrong oil is used or too long between intervals etc can clog up even though the car is well serviced etc, im going to do it anyway for peace of mind and obviously do the oil filter for a service as well.

Pretty **** update of bad news, but am in no major rush going to take my time and get the car totally fixed and other issues sorted at the same time so the car will be 110% when its back on the road


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Ive been slowly gathering up parts for the TT to sort it, and finaly got a bit of time to make a start on it. Also with the garage going threw some changes in the near future i had to get the TT moveable, preferably under its own power as shes no lightweight lol.

Though i raised the coilovers up on the front and removed the front bumper a few days after to inspect the damage a bit better, thankfully it was still leaking oil, so thats another good sign, it didnt run completely empty, though was put back on its wheels and covered and left sitting for a few weeks.

Gathered up some parts...


New Sump,
Oil Feed Pickup
Oil Feed O Ring,
Oil Feed Bolts
Oil Filter
Sump Plug
Sump Sealant

Had a bit of time yesterday so got stuck into stripping the car down. Had a good look around checking various parts making sure other bits wernt damanged, or general wear and tear and needed replaced while im there, but all seems ok.


Better photo of the damage

Also If incorrect oils is used or to long left between servicing etc etc the oil can sluge up and get caught up in the mesh in the oil pick up feed, and its bye bye engine, so while i was ordering parts ordered a new one for the sake of £20 with all the bolts etc, its a nice peace of mind that its changed and should have no issues down the line, or realise i need it in the middle of changing it over, even though the car was well looked after prior to me owning it, and is serviced every 6k miles or so now that i own it, using genuine oil and filters i decided to do it anyway, Though the pick up was very clear with little only a few particles stuck in it probably got away with not changing it, but i might as well now lol

Car as it currently sits.

Hopefully get the replacement sump, and the filter changed after work some night this week and fingers crossed ill have no rattles when it starts! though in theory i should have no issues as there was no rattles when i realised i had sumpd it nor was there any oil lights etc, and also still oil in the sump and no metal or worring bits in the sump when it was taken off, so it should be fine....but just my luck with cars im not building my hopes up too much lol.

Deadline for having it on the road is February/March time ready for Dubshed 2017, bit far away but i plan to get the whole car rebuilt basicaly before i put it back on the road, alot of changes planned...and realsically not alot of time to do them lol


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Brilliant read bud and what a stunning TT you have. Really looking forward to more progress updates and seeing it back on the road.


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Brilliant read bud and what a stunning TT you have. Really looking forward to more progress updates and seeing it back on the road.

Thanks mate :grin:


New Pick up feed installed, along with new bolts and washer, as per previous post i probably could have gotten away with the old one, but seeing as i had the new one i might as wel fit it.

Sump installed

And the moment of truth! Started first time with no rattles bangs or lights!

Currently im re-wiring my US DRL lights making a more permanent job of it as i ment to do a few years ago when i installed them just to test them....and never did properly wire them.

Then a little teaser of the intercooler.

...........then spend today making it not run at all..............



.....But with the hope of making it run better than it did.

Previously after replacing a dodgy breather hose, the next one inline needed replaced a few days later, replaced it then afew weeks went by the next one in line broke, downside is was a hose that went down an under the inlet manifold so access isnt the easiest, so stripping it down and replacing all the hoses with either Forge Items or new OEM items, I also have my polished Manifold and Throttle body to fit from previous posts athough i may have a new inlet manifold in the very near future. Also removed both side mount intercoolers and hoses ready to fit the Front Mount and silicone hoses once the rest of the bay is sorted.

Will be looking to order a Badger 5 Oversized Turbo Intake pipe in red very soon once ive the breather hoses sorted as i also have a slight hole in the OEM Tip. Also looking at another Charge Pipe, so will have a Standard one, and a Polished/Black Debaffled one forsale. Main Job atm is getting the engine running 100% then preping the car for MOT, once the MOT is sorted the rest of the work will start, Had orginally planned to get all the work done then worry about mot, but if its running and mot'd it makes it a bit easier to get to various places with it no need to trailer it etc.


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So more stripping........


Uppon stripping i realised i had weeping injector seals, with the crud build up around the injector ports on the manifold really bad on the first 2 ports....though luckly enough i had already ordered replacement items from audi with my expenisve "while im there/while they are out" mentality some times, but this time it was a good move lol

First batch of new parts from Audi

New dipstick (as mine was chipping bits of plastic off and fell into the sump)
New Dipstick guide/extension as mine was broke, and broke it even more trying to remove the manifold lol
Injector seals to replace both upper and lower seals with a few left over.
and a New Suction Jet for the PCV hoses as mine as quite a bit of crud built up around it as well as neighbouring hoses, all the hoses are being replaced so thought i might as well replace the jet also just incase, dont want to have to strip it back down later realising it needed changed.

Been trying to find which replacement hoses i need, hopefully get these ordered by the end of the week as well as a new gasket for the manifold and can fit my polished manifold too, and hopefully it runs :?

Between work i managed to get an hour or two at it a couple nights,

First is the arrival of the 034 Motorsport Breather kit,

And my Newsouth Performance Manifold gasket

All fitted along with the polished manifold as well as a few more silcone hoses fitted to the left side of the manifold.

Next i tackled my Fuel rail, Injectors & seals, i haddnt realised at the time they were seeping so badly but atleast thats now them changed, both upper and lower seals, also cleaned the injectors and fuel rail while i was at it. Left side new seals and cleaned right side not done. I had been tempted with installing bigger injectors but after reading up on them they arent really required till going into big Power gains,

Excuse the photo was taken with my phone rather than the camera. One of the charge pipe and upper boost hoses fitted (although these will soon both be replaced with a Trackslag charge pipe, and forge cold side DV relocation kits) New dipstick tube and dip stick also fitted although the handle will also be replaced with a polished item in the near future.

Happy with how the engine bay is starting to take shape, right amount of polished and red items, only want to change the TIP to a red one and any other hoses left to change (not many that hasnt been changed when it comes to oil/boost/breather hoses) will be done in black dont want to over power it with red hoses.

So enough dirty work, inbetween other jobs while trying to stay relatively clean i stripped the interior out for a few jobs ive to do.


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Havent updated this in a while.

Fired the car up for the first time after the work while plugged into the computer, and threw up 14 fault codes, though started to panic thinking ive rightly buggered it up! few hours tweaking, diagnosing with the computer and it was 100%, dirty/dusty connections, slightly loose clips etc nothing major.

So with that i started testing it around the yard and what not every seemed to be going well......until....i bust the sump again! (and the car is "raised" form atm) though with on going construction and movement yards been quite rough and messy, thankfully it was in the yard and just a matter of rolling it back into the unit and drain the oil. New sump (number 2) & oil ready and waiting to go on when i get time (hopefully tomorrow)

Having fallen in love with the Land Rover colour Zanzibar , i had some mixed up ready to paint, so hoping to add this to the car in some way minor details for now, ultimate goal would be a full respray, but IF that ever happens it will be the last mod on the list. For those that dont know its like an orangy gold colour with alot of flake in it, some times can look quite sandy, other times really orange, hard to get a good photo of the colour, even on google images they dont do it justice.

With the Black Friday deals on i thought it was about time to upgrade my audio a bit. Having promised myself a new sub for a life time i thought now was a good time to do it. My Pioneers have served me well having first installed them in my Maxpower kitted 206 back in 2005, and to still be running in 2016, but alas they are starting to show age. Picked up this Rockford Fosgate P3 Dual 2ohm woofer.

Also got the exterior of the car built back up bar the bumper, which will be dropped off to Paintworkz at some stage to get repaired and then refitted, then worry about MOT etc, as MOT wont be till Feb time and will be pushing it to get it done intime for dubshed.

Exterior built up more.....interior stripped out more

Stripped the interior out more to sort a few minor issues and re-route some wiring and start sound deading, once the roll cage is done (only a year later) ill put deading on the floor and rear seat areas, and do the new boot/rear seat build around it.

So off the inspection pit and on to the flat.


First up a bit of engine bay bling, seeing as i replaced the dipstick with a new one, left a nice bright yellow handle on show next to the polished manifold.

So ordered up this from cookbot from the TTforum


Ill be replacing the plastic that normally sits infront of the manifold with a manifold cover from cookbot too in the near future.

As with previous the Interior being stripped

I ordered up some sound deadening and sound insulator which will help rattles and some road noise with removing the rear seats.

Before the above the car was given an Underbody wash on the flat ramp at my workshop, and taken in and jacked up and wheels removed ready for tyres to be swaped over and few parts installed, and while i waited i decided to get to underseal the arches, there is also the arch liners that will cover some of this also, but aleast it will be protected underneath.

The rest of the underbody will be done in the near future when ive the rest of the car built up.

Also got the wood ready to build the sub box and false floor and frame work, Tomorrow i plan to fit the deadening on the sides etc and refit the interior panels, and start mocking up the roll cage again, Also got metal in to fabricate up support brackets for the intercooler which im back to fitting as it looks like i can get it to work with the headlight washers. hopefully over the next week or two it will be going for another CV boot replacement (i can do it myself but i just HATE working with CV grease!) and the turbo, manifold, exhaust gaskets replaced and hopefully it will stop the exhaust leak.

First Job today i decided to tackle the sound deadening, had only planned to place the areas behind trim etc, and do the rest down the line....but got a little carried away and ended up installing it all, maybe a bit overkill too
Still got a few sheets left over and also the sound insulator to fit which i will do once the interior is complete



But also got most of the interior trim install now other than a few clips and bits to screw in. But the rest will be done via a boot build false floor front to back housing the sound system and airride set up (to come in the near future)

Next on the agenda was the Front Mount intercooler set up. I had knocked this set up on the head originally due to the set up getting away from the headlight washers, and due to mot being a done by a Government body here in Northern Ireland rather than any old garage like on the mainland, its not as easy for things to be "overlooked". But after it not selling i decided to try and make it fit! few more hoses to order and finalise the brackets, but its not far away.


Once the intercooler set up is finished the bumper will be off to the bodyshop to be repaired.


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Not updated this in a while but heres bringing the thread up to date.

Update 13/02

After dropping the bumper off to the bodyshop and picking up a new tyre for the daily...got the TT booked in to have the exhaust gaskets changed and the CV boot for Next Monday.

While out at the garage i made a start on the sub box, still needs the last side attached and hole cut out etc. But built to the Optimum specs of the Rockford fosgate sub i have to go in, so all being well should sound pretty good!



Also after the above photos i finished fitting the sound insulator foam (black ontop of the silver sound deadening) . Once the sub box is finished i can plan out the rest of the boot build.

Wednesday i had a delivery of my first Real carbon fibre part. Genuine OSIR DTM diffuser. Had only planned to set/tape it on for now but ended up removing the old red piece and putting the carbon one on...its not fully attached at the bottom so is pushing out a bit, though exhaust tips need to go a tad bigger (and cleaned lol) but that will come in future.Excuse the **** photos



Thursday another Delivery in the form of the Sports cat.

Got the Sub box basic shape finished off and cut the hole for the sub, and couldnt resist a tester. Really pleased with the sound of the sub/box

Then started working onthe sub box again getting it how i want it to look overall with the rest of the boot build.

And a final one sitting up next to the Range Rover Evoque Ember makes the TT look even smaller lol

Made good progress with the boot build over the weekend, the wood frame could be a bit overkill but i do like a sturdy frame.

Had to change the design slightly as i had forgotten about the side pockets in the rear interior panels, wouldnt have been a big loss loosing them but my OCD couldnt have that lol.


The rear seat section will basically be the new boot area to store stuff and a lift up compartment to a little storage area. basically all the frame work is done its now just a matter of doing the floor/panels, Ive also ran various distribution blocks with in the build which will be useful when i install the air suspension in the future, as well as planned were the compressors are going etc while designing this build, so will take little modification if any in future when the air install happens.

Also got the car back and sounding how it should! hopefully get a video of it soon. Never got the full effect from the downpipe and decat (sports cat also fitted now) as i always had a blow out in the system and originally thought the blow out was from the standard downpipe flex as it looked damaged thus ordering the 3"downpipe last year, turns out the was the Turbo gasket all along, but thats changed and now sweet and sounding awesome! Not far from being back on the road now!

Fitting new ARB bushes up front, and new droplinks and just a matter of waiting for the front bumper from the bodyshop, and it will be good for MOT. Also in talks about alloy wheels, hopefully be ordered next week at some stage all being well, not what i originally planned but with the time and current budget to get everything else finished for Dubshed, its a very nice substitute.

So managed to get stuck into the TT recently, First job was the ARB bushes, replaced with some Powerflex polybushes.

Next winter the plan is a new subframe (used one dipped, powdercoat etc) and fitted with some new tighter ARB as well as the same on the rear cradle, but these bushes will do until thats sorted. Also fitted some new FK droplinks as mine the boots were tore.

Finished up with the wood work of the boot build, bar tidying up a few edges etc


Ive ordered a pair of struts for the door so it will open and stay as the bonnet/boodlids do

Yet to decide with what im covering it with..though that will have to be ordered this week so i can finish the build and clean the interior.

Also recieved this photo from the bodyshop bumper all repaired and the line around the grill smoothed out also

Pile of parts coming this week including the new alloys, and lots of carbon fibre 8)


Well i hadn't planned to post any photos of these till they were on and closer to dubshed....but im terrible at keeping secrets when it comes to car mods....especially when im excited about getting it on the road :lol:

18" OZ Superleggera alloys

And couldnt resist a little test fit on the car

And a little strut on the boot build door to keep it open when ever i open it.

Carbon fibre has arrived though will be no pics of that for a while, Also decided to trim the boot build in grey leather as i had done on the previous one, so just waiting on some more leather and can get it trimmed this weekend all being well.


Got the boot build trimmed, theres a few bubbles and lumps but these will settle down and slide into place once everything is in 100%


(compartment door is open slightly in the last pic, it does sit flush)

An a quick one of the LED test

Also got the bumper on and all the trimming to the grills etc to fit around the pipe work. All still looks factory in that respect if you ignore the Front Mount behind the bumper theres no noticeable cuts or modifications, other than the plate smoothed off and grill line. Cant wait to get the splitter sorted

And a little teaser of whats to come, and thats only the start! :lol:

Excuse the quality of some of these photos, i had changed something in my camera settings and its messing about with the colours etc on me and then editing (without spending hours on them) isnt helping much, not to mention a dirty car lol

But had a day off so got tyres fitted up to the OZ Wheels. and obviously couldn't resist a test fit. went for a very slight stretch to help with clearance etc.


Then on with more carbon fibre, this is just at the first stages of it, with them installed to make sure they fit in the gaps etc ok and every lines up as it should. The front pannel will be done in carbon too when i get on to the next phase.

And one of the boot build with the carbon insert installed before the final sand and coating.

Couldnt resist fitting the carbon splitter along with the wheels too

Carbon splitter goodness

Then on Monday past the car passed the MOT :D, So over the weekend managed to get the brakes cleaned and coat of red paint on them, and cleaned and adjusted the suspension and lowered it back down, and refitted the OZ Wheels.


Also had my Strut/Harness Style/Quattro sport style brace/bar fitted, i had this trimmed in the same as the boot build but didnt like it so removed it for now, undecided what im doing with it looks wise.

Pretty much all thats left to do for dubshed now is the carbon pieces, and a good detail. Rear spoiler extension is in progress hopefully be finished and installed in time. Sub Ring, and Rear light covers are on the final cure stages waiting for a final sand and polish, Splitter and engine bay pieces are mid way threw, hopefully get them finished next weekend. Also since OZ racing caps are a ****** to find in the correct size, never mind the finish im after im also remaking some in carbon fibre with red text.

Also considering fitting black Audi Rings on the rear and possibly front, and also a slight tint on the headlights, seeing as the red and black/carbon theme it will match though not 100% sure yet


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Finally got the TT taxed and on the road on the 1st. Decided it was about time i ran a number plate, since i got away with not running one for near 4 years, my days were numbered lol. I do have a motorised bracket ive had for a few years that ive never got round to fit which i plan to build into the splitter at some stage, but made up some reflective sticker ones for a temporary fix.


not 100% legal as they have no maker/dealer name/post code and the British standards stamp in the corner, but in regards to text, spacing sizing etc they are legal so hopefully have no issues.

Since the OZ wheel centre caps werent how i liked, and even buying other genuine sets they didnt quite have what i wanted, so made my own carbonfibre ones with red logos, Should match the car nicely.

Also got the boot build finished off, along with the quattro sport/harness style bar colour coded misano red, ill have to get some daylight pics

Also attended a local Cars & Coffee meet at a horse racing track.

After the meet was over i held back and took a few photos




Still to finish the carbon splitter, and engine bay bits. which will be finished for dubshed this weekend.

Added a Luggage net to the strut bar/quattrosport style bar, wasn't sure at first but definitely grew on me!

Next on the list was Genuine Porsche Oil and Coolant Caps.

And fitted, (excuse the carbon fibre engine plastic pieces these arent finished and were rushed a bit to get them some way presentable for dubshed at the weekend)

Then was time to address the detailing side of things, the car was originally in fairly decent condition as being a detailer it got machine polish back in May last year, and then taken off the road mid June/early July time last year, though gained a few light swirls and marks from being left dirty in the work shop and being rubbed up against while being worked on. Though with getting a Rupes Big Foot polisher a while back i thought it was about time the TT got the Rupes treatment, Although basically only a Single Stage Yellow, didnt really notice a pile of difference at the start gloss/colour wise, but once the whole car was done it was alot better!




Car was finished just before Midnight on Friday....which started as "it will only take a few hours" :lol: Up Early and headed for Dubshed Saturday morning (apologies to anyone i spoke to on Saturday if i was a little off i was knackered! :lol: ). This year i was on the reserve list for indoors, and was parked up at one of the main show doors outside, which i think the outside spot was great on the Saturday as the Paint just popped in the sunlight! really made those "few hours" worth while, as some areas in the main hall are quite dimly lit, last year i was quite lucky and basically under one of the lights indoors.






Not sure whats next with the car, alot of ideas, but not sure whats going to be next, Few minor additions happening soon, but nothing major. Still waiting for my V6 spoiler extension lip in carbon fibre to arrive, hopefully arrive soon.

Few More photos from ILOVEBASS



Attended the Laidout Car Show At 50Cal at the weekend, shame the weather was ****, but it fairly showed off the beading action on the car.




Since ive had the unfortunate luck of having to daily the car (Heated leather seats in the morning, Power, comfort, etc, how can i cope! lol compared to the daily basic-ish fabia vrs which is off the road atm) had a few slight creaks and noises i wanted to check up on, while i had the front wheels off i decided to lower it a tad more, as i felt it was a little *** down wasnt totally happy with the "stance" at dubshed...but wasnt far away.

Alot happier with it now, Still 1.5cm of thread left on the coilovers with helper springs and all adjusters intact, so still has some form of comfort with the hard topmounts, and silly profile tyres lol


Thanks to Graham and the Guys at TG Performance i got the Revo software installed on the car yesterday with the Dubshed offer. Only taken me a few years to bite the bullet and get it done, and with the recent engine hardware additions i went straight to Stage 2 software. Initial reactions...Holy ****, couldnt believe it was the same car! Over the moon with the cars performance now! Alot more power and Torque all round, defiantly a fun drive back from bangor! Should have done it sooner!

Was also the first time really hearing the exhaust or seeing the TT in motion as generally im the only one to drive it and love it!


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Few shows recently and a few minor parts but first a photo from Graham when it was up getting the remap last month.

It was then left in the garage un driven till Cars At The Mill, forgotten how much difference there was lol.



And Loughgall Festival of Motorsport

Then Attended The Peak Performance Show In Donard Park Newcastle


Finally the Carbon Spoiler Extention Arrived after 10weeks wait!





Also went to the Outcast Run/Jacobs Super Car Run At the weekend, had a few camera issues so didn't get any good ones of my own showing off the spoiler and this all ive found so far.

And the Carbon Fibre Bug Continues

Need to decide now to go for black bolts or silver/polished bolts for the fuel cap, tempted with silver/polished to tie in with the rest of the polished areas on the car although there is very little exterior wise, Though hoping to have it fitted by the weekend.


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So Managed to get the fuel cap fitted, and opted for polished bolts in the end. give it a bit of bling. Also added the Quattro Etched vinyl logo onto the cap as i had done with my old one just to see if it still worked...which i think it does.

Then decided to get rid of the old slightly tarnished Chrome Quattro Badge on the rear bumper

And replace it with a black and red one

Really pleased with the rear end now! just to get the rest of the car to the same "level"

Yesterday i also attended the Ballymena Car & Truck Show, I also had some smoked Transparent Vinyl laying about so decided to tint the headlights, as in future i do plan to carbon the insides of the headlights rather than paint them black, but for now tinted them to see how i liked them.


Quite like the tinted headlights though needs to be redone as i needed a second pair of hands, so is quite bubbly atm, though thinking it needs a black badge on the front now too.

And sadly heading home from the show the car started over heating and its possibly a thermostat or the water pump, which i was planning to replace over winter, though may have to be moved forward now.