Miltek for 2.0 T A4 Avant Quattro B8


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Is there a good sound improvement? I think the only thing my car misses is a good exhaust note. I drove my Ed30 GTi yesterday and the standard exhaust on that is so much better than my A4.



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One fact is, your insurance company will "rob" you for fitting that! I bought a secondhand S4 and its original owner had fitted a Milltek exhaust, which I correctly informed my insurer about, I think that it currently costs me in the order of £100 a year for that, trouble is, I could probably fit a few more mods without paying any more, but I'm not brave enough to ask that question as they might sneak in another few hundred pounds next year.

When I looked into changing to Audi insurance, it all looked good until I read the small print - ie "fancy bits fitted - go away!".