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Hi all, once I have sold my E34 BMW 525i I am looking to buy a B5 1.8T Avant auto or 1.9 diesel (as I spend most my driving time stuck in traffic). Would you say that the B5 is a relatively hassle-free motor? My mum had a 1.8T Quattro for a while and it was great. I don't want to spend as much money as I currently am on my old BMW. Hoping to find one with leather interior of course, so far I haven't seen many B5 autos with leather online at all! How much should I be looking to pay for a good example? I would probably have a budget around £2,000-2,500.

Also interested in what kind of mpg you 1.8T's are getting? I know auto will be less.

Thanks and would appreciate any feedback!
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1.8T's with leather are relatively rare, and autos will often be SE models with flat seats, 4x4 suspension and horrible wheels.

The larger V6's tended to come with better spec such as leather, and i think most quattro models will have had the "sport" kit as well.

As for spending money, it really depends on the person, you can run them on a shoestring just to get by, or you can go all out replacing lots of parts that are worn out but not hanging off.

Most of the rubber bushes and suchlike on cars this old will be shot, they may not be broken enough to actually fail an MOT, but replacing them will transform how the car drives.

With your budget, i'd be looking at 1.8T Quattro models, but they dont come in Auto.