Little confused on how often to use products


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I've just made an order for a load of detailing stuff but I'm unsure on how often to use the different products.

Obviously I'm going to snowfoam and wash the car every week.

I've ordered some Zaino Z18 Clay and was going to use that every 6 months.

I've also ordered some Dodo Need for Speed and some Dodo Purple Haze wax but I'm not sure how often you need to polish and wax a car? Every week, every month or every 6 months?

Also have I missed any products out that I should have ordered?


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I'm not a detailer but I've been talking to a few and I'm sure they'll be on to fill in any missing gaps.

But as far as usage, foaming and washing the car weekly is fine, then theres waxing it's better to wax than to polish, but you only want to use wax if the body work is clear of imperfections etc, so if you give the car a claying then a polish to remove any road grime/dirt/imperfections then you'll be all good to go ahead and wax!

Don't use the clay bar unless you plan to polish afterwards as claying leaves marks on the paint, also you are correct in thinking every 6 months or so for both clay/polishing, waxing can be done more frequently, depending on the wax quality every 4-8 months.

I myself try to wax as often as I can, but I'd say every other week would be more than satisfactory. With a good clay/polish/wax you mightn't even need to wash the car with a mitt the next time or two around, as if you spray foam on let it sit then rinse it'll basically be shiny :)

Also means you don't have to touch the paint with mitts etc thus reducing likeliness of swirling.

I may be missing some things but like I said I'm not a detailer and quite new to the looking after the car OCDishly! But I'm sure some of the other fellas will be able to correct/add to what I've said. Hope this helps :superman: