LED bulb swapout (cold diagnosis)


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My car is a 2010 A6 Avant with the factory LED tail/brake lights and Bi Xenons. I have tried fitting some LED bulb replacements which look much better (in my opinion) however I now have the problem of them flickering when the vehicle pulses them to perform cold diagnosis, the reversing lights are like a strobe at night, not ideal!

I tried the LED bulb in the front indicator (swapped from the rear) and in this location it actually failed the test and the car switched it off.

Has anybody had any success with turning off cold diagnosis or even turning off the diagnosis of bulb outages altogether? I've googled and found the question asked a few times but not found a positive result yet.



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It's embedded in the software of the central electric & comfort modules and cannot be switched off on the C6 model.