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Just bought a q7- have a few questions

quattro25years Feb 10, 2013

  1. quattro25years

    quattro25years Registered User

    Hi all

    finally bought my q7 , its a 56 plate 3.0 tdi sline Gray , 70000 miles.

    Have a few questions.

    1) it has a panoramic roof- (I wasn't looking for this, it just happens to have it) - after reading on the net , quite a few people have problems with the roof drainage (Bose amp, sat nav getting wet etc, water in front foot wells etc).

    how common is this ? , what action do I need to take ?- i getting a bit paranoid now!!!

    Is there an Audi Recall for the leaking roofs ?

    2)there is a phone cradle in the comfort armrest -Nokia I think - can this be easily removed and replaced with the audi iPhone cradle ?

    3)the car has , colour sat nav, parking plus ,electric boot , ---- do I have blue tooth ?

    4)if I have blue tooth , Can I pair my ipod so it plays music through the speakers ?

    5) Any info about the suspension recalls ?

    thanks in advance

    Quattro 25 years
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  3. The911SC

    The911SC Registered User

    Guess you probably know this already but you will need to add the BT phone unit - its pretty easy if you have the colour Nav unit. You cant stream through BT but you could buy the dension GW to do all of this inc playing from USB, Ipod etc.
    I had pan roof on my old one, it was fine but the rear one used to stick open a little - just the rubber.
  4. quattro25years

    quattro25years Registered User

    Have checked car does have bluetooth.

    thanks for the other info
  5. gupsterg

    gupsterg Registered User

    There is a data sticker with PR codes usually on the service log book, my A6 also has one in the spare wheel well... which if you enter details here Link:- PlanetVAG.com - VW & Audi PR Code Search you can get some of the factory fitted options ...

    I have also used this to get a fuller PR code list of my car (150+) Link:- # VAG Cars Explorer - VIN Search Tool - VW * Audi * Seat * Skoda

    That site is French but if you paste codes into decoder you will have in English ...

    There is Audi music interface (AMI) which can be retrofitted, it will allow USB Stick, USB HDD, iPod/iPhone , etc ,etc ...

    Link:- Audi music interface > Audi Worldwide
  6. Réhann

    Réhann Registered User

    Wow... Look at what my long list of codes show:

    PRCode: 1BA = Standard suspension/shock absorption
    PRCode: 1G1 = Space-saving spare wheel
    PRCode: 1KF = Disc brakes rear
    PRCode: 1LF = Disc brakes front
    PRCode: 1XX = Leather trimmed multi-function sports steering wheel w/ Tiptronic
    PRCode: 3FU = Big roof system
    PRCode: 3S1 = Bright roof rails
    PRCode: 4K2 = Radio remote controlled central locking SZV
    PRCode: 4UE = Air bag for driver and front seat passenger
    PRCode: 4X4 = Side air bag front and rear with curtain air bag
    PRCode: 5SJ = Left exterior mirror: convex
    PRCode: 5TS = Decorative burr walnut inserts natural high-gloss
    PRCode: 6TS = Right exterior mirror: aspherical large viewing field
    PRCode: 8GV = Alternator 180 A
    PRCode: 8YQ = Radio HIGH
    PRCode: 9VD = Speaker (active)
    PRCode: CV8 = Alloy wheels 8.5J x 18
    PRCode: D1D = 6-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 3.0 L/171 kW 24VV6 TDI common rail base engine is T41
    PRCode: HS7 = Tires 255/55 R18 109Y x1
    PRCode: N5A = Leather seat covering Cricket
    PRCode: T41 = 6-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 L unit 059.D
    PRCode: X6K = National sales program South Africa
    PRCode: 0AB = Front stabilizer
    PRCode: 0BB = Rear stabilizer
    PRCode: 0G7 = Tiptronic
    PRCode: 0GZ = Emission standard EU3 diesel with EOBD
    PRCode: 0JC = Weight category front axle weight range 3
    PRCode: 0Y2 = Tropical zones
    PRCode: 0YE = Weight range 5 installation control only no requirement forecast
    PRCode: B0A = Component parts set without country-specific design requirement
    PRCode: E0A = No special edition
    PRCode: G0R = 6-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
    PRCode: J0Z = Battery 520 A (110 Ah)

    Nothing about the "executive rear seating" option though...?

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