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yellow peril

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Sep 21, 2009
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recently bought a new MAF sensor, one stealer quoted 240 plus vat, second quoted 73 plus vat for exchange both main audi dealers, will never take first quote again hope you all do same, what a diffrence in price for same part, same part number. First one took the huff to told me i was talking crap, *******.
Jeeesus! I paid £80 inc VAT for a genuine item from a VAG specialist AND he didn't charge me for the half hour labour. Challenge come up tumps again!
that's just plain taking the p*ss, how can they be 170 odd difference for the same thing !!! robbing bar stewards.
85 quid from the dealers with the VAT, fitted one recently.
there is a more accurate reason, the £240 one would have been brand new no exchange, where as the £80 is a remanufactured exchange item, it will be exactly the same part munber but with an x on the end, found this out when i rang audi to order my maf i had previously rang them for a quote and to obtain part number then rang back to conferm payment after quoting part number previously given to me by his mate, he then rang back to say my card was'nt sucssefull i said thats strange how much are you charging me jokingly untill he replied £240 then he told ,me he was using the wroung part number and his mate didnt bother to tell me about the x either, lucky i did'nt have £240 at the time lol