Instrument Cluster problem


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Please help, I've got a 2007 2.0 TDi sportback A3 and all of a sudden the car would not start and noticed that none of the dials in the dashboard were working. I checked all fuses and all seem fine, left the car for a day or two and tried again, this time the car would start however none of the dials work and the warning lights remain lit once running.

I've noticed that the radio appears faint and the heating display is so dull it is almost impossible to see, if I remove fuse F6 (power to the instrument cluster (version 1 with 30 fuses)) the heating display goes to normal brightness. How are these linked to the instrument cluster?

I don't have access to any diagnostic tools however have read many forums and understand the instrument cluster is a common fault, some people have had success with disconnecting the battery which I've tried but didn't help.

I've also read about a KL15 relay which I've located just need to try swapping it with another relay to check and failing that I gather the instrument cluster can be sent away to be re-built however just want to make sure there's nothing else I should try before doing that?

Another worry I've thought is what if the dash is blown and therefore I need a new dash, if I find a second hand unit is it possible to get it coded and working with my car or is this something only a main dealer can do?

Thanks for any help or suggestions!


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I've got an instrument cluster that's fully working spare if your interested in seeing if you can get another codes