In the Market for an A3 8l. Need advice on engine options please


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Oct 18, 2015
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Hey guys,

Completely new to the forum. Im looking for some expert adivce on the engine options on the A3 8l.

In a nutshell my truck was just written off by a horse and cart, so i'm looking for something new.

I've pretty much set my sights on getting a 1.8T engined A3 (I'd love an S3 but i just dont have the funds), but I've just moved to germany and it seems they are actually very thin on the ground.
So the next best thing for me would be either the 1.8 non turbo or the 1.6.

My main question is how is the 1.6? It it under-powered for the weight of the car? Is it reliable? Thirsty? Is it fun to drive? How about the non turbo 1.8?
Im not expecting something blisteringly fast, but equally I don't want something ridiculously slow as I drive on the autobahns a lot. My truck was a 3.1td isuzu trooper with a 0-60 of 18 seconds, so anything better than that will be good, but I have previously owned a mk1 golf with a 2.0 16v 9a running 180bhp - which was really fun.
Obviously a 1.6 or 1.8 is not going to be like either of these 2 cars.

I would really appreciate it if an A3 guru could point me in the right direction, with regards to how the cars perform with the various engines and also maybe important things to look out for when buying.