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I'm back! 225 Roadster

Rocko Feb 9, 2018

  1. Rocko

    Rocko TT 225

    Hello all. I'm a bit of a old school member who's been out in the wilderness of BMW/Mini/Ford ownership for the past few years but that's all changed with the acquisition of a TT Roadster for my wife earlier in the week.

    I've always been fairly fascinated by the amount of car you can get for relatively little money in the third/fourth/fifth hand market. Anyway, someone on my local forum had just posted a TT convertible. A black on black (you'd be amazed at how many people specced beige from new ) 225bhp version with a little over 110k miles, service history and MOT.

    With the wife's birthday coming up this week, and her always being a huge fan of her old TT, I thought "Balls to it, let's go have a look". Also, I was in desperate need of brownie points since I've basically ripped apart our kitchen with no real idea how to put it back together. A modest amount of money changed hands and we were back at the house 5 minutes later, new steed in tow. Since the V5 wasn't present it's had to be applied for, which can take up to 6 weeks!, and a duplicate MOT certificate was collected just so we could have it.

    It's coming back from the mechanic this week with a clean bill of health then the plan is to lower it a touch, maybe a splitter, refurb the wheels (she likes them, and they're in pretty good condition), matching tyres because that annoys my happiness when they're not, either a retrim or some leather loving from LeatherLab, an OEM looking headunit, get her personalised plate on it, and finally a damn good detailing from a professional.

    We'll be hanging onto this for a good few years so we want it to be as new as possible, so I'll be picking up wee bits and bobs as we go along.

    So, some pics.

    Morning after collection

    Actually washing a car myself for the first time in years!

    And done!

    Tops off!


    Who said they aren't practical?
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  3. Oli Relf

    Oli Relf Registered User

    Very nice car!

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