How to remove rear window seal (3 door car eg S3)


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Hi peeps,

One of my rear windows leaks a bit when washing the car, it must do a little in the rain too but not overly noticeable.

I have checked and the seal on that side looks like its been removed before and not refitted properly so that it has been squashed and does not make a brilliant seal.

So I would like to remove just the seal leaving the glass in place so I can try and reform it into a better shape and then refit it.

I managed to get the seal out so far but it seemed to be held in somehow on the pillar of the door and didn't wanna force anything so just refitted for now.

Any advice appreciated

S3 Paul

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The side windows or tailgate?


Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!
The leaky one I have is the passenger rear side pop out window.

Its an S3 as per my Sig but I guess its a similar process for all 3 door 8L`s

All I want to do is remove the widow seal to beef it up a bit and then refit but the seal seems to be fixed in near the door pillar as the rest of it just pulls off