Help with avant rear screen washer.


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Was pulled up on a recent service.

The rear screen washer on my car isnt working.

I can hear the motor when i push the stalk in so that fine. So must be tube come off somewhere or a blockage.

Anyone know the route or got any tips?



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Yeah remove the wiper & the jet plastic tube, then try it & see if the water trickles out, also remove the rear door panel, take of the pipe & see if water comes out there, then you know its from that location onwards to the screen jet.


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Try a thin pin or needle in the two jets, usually blocked and will be your answer if your boot floor isn't wet - boot floor wet and you've got a leak.



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My wifes A4 had a similar problem.

I tried it parked up and my 4 yr old son shouted "Dad, the car's bleeding...". Turned out to be a joint had popped out up inside the front wheel arch. Pain in the bottom since you have to remove the liner first.

Stopped working a few months again, and expected to have to do the same. This time I still checked the jets first, and they were blocked. 2 mins to fix this time, result.

Good luck.