HELP!! What other 1.8T cylinder head can i use on my 2003 BFB engine


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Nov 7, 2017
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Hi all I'm a newbe to this great Forum and need a little advice regarding cylinder heads
I have brought a non running 2003 A4 Cab the problem with it is the cam belt went but on starting work on it i found that it didn't have a BFB code cylinder head on it its an AJH vw Sharan one (so the same may have happened in the past) i can't seem to find a BFB code cylinder head so i may have to look for another one all i want to know is what code c/heads can i use as i know the BFB is 160 bhp but the AJH that was on it is 150 BHP
can i fit a 180 BHP head on? or a AGU with the bigger valves? any help/advice would be a big help,thanks for reading.......
I have an ARY head on my BFB from an Audi TT 180 hp, mostly interchangeable.

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Even the older large port heads fit, maybe useful later if you’re looking for more power.
Sorry for the hurried reply and welcome to the forum

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Hi QuattroCalum,Many thanks,i've got chance of an AGU cylinder head so i may get that then.............
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