Help on Pricing an engine pretty please!


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Hi All,

I purchased a B5 S4 stage 3 late last year that had been to MRC less than 12 months/1k miles before i bought it and had £14+k spent on renewing lots and lots, it ran 499bhp and 700nm after mapping so very strong. A few days after purchase it cut out and wouldn't start, was recovered home upon inspection it was evident it jumped timing and was presumed catastrophic failure, great....

I wanted an easy and quick turn around and a result I purchased a used AGB engine from a 120k mile S4 to replace the one that was in my car. Engine was sent to AMD in Woking where it was stripped down, cleaned up, oil and coolant flushed, manifold studs drilled, replaced and rebuilt up with OEM gaskets, parts etc etc at great expense. End of last week it was complete and ready to drop in.

This week we pulled my S4 engine out the car to discover it doesn't have and AGB at all... it has a AZR engine ! Soo i decided to investigate further as the engine was out and it just needs Intake valves, seals etc so that is being done and going back together so kind of a result :crying:

So I have a newly refreshed AGB engine sat on the stand and no need for it. I'm really looking for some help and advice on pricing it, It is bare at the moment and all the used ancillaries in a box.

Photos to follow.

Thanks in advance


Old ones are the best ones
Isnt one from the A6 2.7t and the other the B5 S4? Basically they are the same anyway arent they?