Head-up display refresh rate



Hey all,

I have the factory hud on my a7, and I'm unpleasantly surprised, that the refresh rate (the interval of refreshing the the actual speed) is "atrocious". It is like 1+ second, so when I accelerate out I go from 0 to 5-6 then to 10-11. Instead of showing the numbers but like in a constant changing stream.
Also, it's a problem when I'm slowing down from 78 to 70, that I don't know when I reach 70, I brake, wait, HUD updates, then brake a bit more. Really frustrating.

Any idea if this is a factory limitation or a setting (I didn't find) or maybe it can be changed via coding?
Had a BMW 6 GC before and there I didn't have this problem.

Thanks in advance!


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Mine is pretty instant no lag but i admit the speed the numbers change under acceleration wont go up in 1mph incriments and im cool with that i just glance at it to see my cruising speed but keep my eyes on road and not between speedo and hud

i get you on other brand comparisons , i like the bmw 8 speed zf in wifes x5 and feel the 7 speed / dsg stronic slightly lacking on a heavier motor like the a7 but hey ho go with the flow

if i figure out how to post video ill get it on to compare


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Mine seems to jump in 2/3/4 mph increments under hard acceleration, but gentle driving through towns etc seems to refresh okay, I've found myself using the HUD for speed more than the instrument cluster!