Has anyone got a good close up pic of an s4 with the front bumper removed?


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In a continued quest to discover the problem with my A/C It’s been identified that the uv dye is emanating from the bottom right of the condenser. I haven’t had a chance to take off the bumper but I’d like to see what’s in the lower right corner of the condenser- the dye seems to come from behind some sort of Curved plastic component ....
Does anyone have a pic that they could put up that shows this area ?


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FWIW we (UK) don't have the secondary cooler on the nearside of the car like in the above photos.


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Spearo, I've recently had my A/C condenser replaced due to it leaking PAG oil from the same area. I was told that the replacement was a redesigned part. Check with your dealer if there is a TSB on it and if Audi will cover the repair if you are out of warranty as it does not appear to be an uncommon issue.