half coupe heating

Hi everyone :)
Since 2 years I have strange problem with the heating system of my car.
It is a6 allroad 2014.
Heating works only in the driver zone and not very well. The rest of the zones in the car stays cold and freeze air is blowing from the vents. AC is turned off and still the problems remains.
Every service I visit they say everything is okey and no errors appear on the computer.
Will be really happy if you could give me some advice what should I do.

Regards to all of you


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Well it needs diagnostically testing on each motor, flap as sounds like this is an issue.

Alistair D

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I have a similar problem 2.0 diesel, heating works on both zones but will only blow hot air for a short time then blows cold/freeze, I turn temp up heat comes back but again only for a short time before cold air again. Doesn't matter if a/c is on or not.
Engine temp fluctuates between 70 + 80 degrees.