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Hailstorm issue on my almost new A3 e-tron

Joeran Jan 5, 2016

  1. Joeran

    Joeran Member

    10 December 2015 my car was hit by big hailstorm on the parking space where i work outside Bergen, Norway. My car was the only car that got damaged.:sob: PS! 50 other cars that was parked at the same parking space, was not damaged? Good for them of course...

    The car and damage was gone true yesterday by "experts", to see what they should do and price. Was just the passenger side of the car we did NOT found any damage. Overall we are talking about 100 dents +++ on the roof, hood, driver's side and rear. They want to brush down the bodywork where the dents are and "refill". Then "paint" almost the entire car. Have still not got the price for the repair, but we are talking about somewhere between 60 000 - 80 000 NOK. (6500 - 9000 Dollar).

    The challenges I see with this repair is:

    - Paint a brand new car! I`m pretty sure it`s not gonna be 100% again!:sadlike:
    - When I sell it, I must inform about the "damage". And have negative effect on the price.
    - What about the next big hailstorm? Will the same damage occur?

    Could it be that the bodywork of the Audi A3 e-tron is too weak? Or could it be manufacturing defect? I'm just wondering..

    I am in dialogue with the seller, to find out how I can take this further in the Audi system. Do you think i have any chance to take this further within Audi?:sos:
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  3. Chrislake90

    Chrislake90 Active Member Audi S3

    If your car was the only one to get damaged in the car park then I would be going straight to Audi. Why would yours take damage and the others not if it was not down to a lesser material?
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  4. Joeran

    Joeran Member

    Yes that is also what I'm thinking Chris.:yes: Have already been talking with my dealer and him who sold me the car. He agree that this seems very strange, and he will call Audi tomorrow to hear how I can take this issue further.

    I think that Audi should take my car back to investigate, before the insurance work repair is done. Maybe Audi can give me a better solution?
  5. Scott.T

    Scott.T Well-Known Member

    Not good new. But wow, how lucky are you to live and work in Bergen.
    I have relations in Molde......I love it out there.
    Good luck with whatever the outcome / repair is.
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  6. veeeight

    veeeight I am a very pretty girl VCDS Map User Black Edition

  7. Joeran

    Joeran Member

    Thank you Scott!!
    Yes Bergen and Norway is very beautiful. Specially all the Norwegian coast line.

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