Getting the best from tiptronic?


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I've just picked up an 2014 A7 3.0d biturbo which I love except for one thing. I'm used to driving a manual or even a DCT where the gear is fully engaged and the power response is immediate. Going round corners I have got used to dabbing the power to pull you through if you can feel the grip starting to go (front wheel drive A4).

With the tiptronic, when the power is applied it takes a second for the torque converter to apply all the power which I am finding to be not very confidence inspiring in the corners. I see that the new RS models all use the tiptronic box rather than the stronic so they must surely be suitable for more lively and responsive driving.

Any tips for the way to get the best out of the tiptronic box? I'm not really talking about the gear shift, it is the application of the power in the same gear when hitting the throttle.


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Drive select needs to be in dynamic to avoid throttle lag.
Lots of users complain of roundabouts and take off lag if not using Dynamic.


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It's not throttle lag I have the issue with. I have the same issue in dynamic mode and if the gearbox is in sport or manual mode. I apply the throttle, the revs initially build without lag and then drop again as the torque converter smoothly applies the power to the wheels. It is a feature of the tiptronic box compared to the stronic which makes it smoother but less punchy when you want it to be. It's like revving a manual high and then letting the clutch out gradually to apply the power smoothly.