Gearbox alternative for Exeo ST TDI 143Hp


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Hi all!

I'm looking for your opinion on replacing my gearbox. Gear ratios in the current one are way too long for me.
I frequently find myself in between gears when in slowish traffic. 6'th gear is unusable since 2000 revs in 6'th gives 125 km/h and is slow to accelerate. Third gear at 5000 revs gets me to 140 km/h.
With three people on board and a full trunk i have to downshift until i get over 2400 revs up a slight hill. The engine load is just too much; sounds like a loaded truck crawling up a hill.
Engine is fine.
So, what do you guys think? Witch one would you choose and why?
(Highlighted in gray is the wheel torque at 2000 RPM 6'th gear in NM)


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