Fuel Gauge Fault, where is my fuel sender unit


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Hi Guys,

I have got myself a 2008 A6 Avant 2.7td LeMans.

Last week the fuel gauge packed up, I went online and found a post about checking/pulling the fuse. (This worked for 3 days) since then it has not worked.

I have been mindful of range as I've got no gauge, but this morning, the car drove a short while then packed up. I had run low on fuel (not empty as I had topped the tank on Friday) so I refilled and it drives.

The error codes from the AA were something to do with instrument cluster and 3 of the glow plugs.

I have investigated possible problems and am led to believe it be something to do with the fuel sender/fuel delivery system atop the tank.

However after removing the rear bench and taking off the 2 inspection panels, I can see no fuel sender!!???? WTAF?

Where is it on my car? As I'd like to check for loose/broken wiring before suffering the main stealer price for a new unit (£400 something)

Please see attached photos


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Check further back at the beginning of the boot under trim or carpet.


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Check further back at the beginning of the boot under trim or carpet.
Yes I've found it under the tray in the boot. Short of testing it with a multimeter (the car runs when I fill it up) and limiting my distance, what option do I have without going to Audi main dealer. I don't really understand what's going on, far from a weekend mechanic