Fuel Filter Housing Screws?


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Need to do a fuel filter change, however two of the screws on the housing have been striped but I cannot seem to find replacement ones anywhere online before I need to drill them out.

Anyone know which ones I need or where I can order them from for cheap?

My car is a 2006 A3 S-Line (5dr) 2.0 TDI.

I have found this which says which ones I need, however there are two options given so I do not know which ones would apply to me.


Any help would be appreciated.


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There are 2 makes of fuel filter assembly found on the diesel A3, the German Mann & Hummel type or the Italian UFI type.
If you clean the base of the filter housing you should find the makers sticker there under all the crud.
Armed with that , you can find out part numbers you need to do your repair.
A possibly easier, though more expensive solution might be to replace the whole filter assembly.
I had to replace the UFI cannister on my A3 and found a complete filter unit & housing for just over £20 on eBay.
A lot more than a few screws, yes, but a simple swap.