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Mar 15, 2008
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Hey Guys
As most of you know, I am selling my Noggy Blue S3. 28,400 miles, Silver leather, excellent condition.

The last Service was the 'big one'. It had the full service, cambelt/tensioner/waterpump, haldex, new brake discs/pads all round, suspension bushes, all done by Audi for the Approved Used Car Scheme.

Recently, I have fitted new Bridgestone Potenza's all round, Audi have done a 4 Wheel alignment and the car will come with a fresh MOT and 6 months Road Tax.

Here's the best bit. I'm looking for £12,500.00. This will include an Audi Approved Warranty for 1 year or 15,000 miles. This includes Audi Roadside Assistance and Replacement Car.

I have a habit of buying my cars with manufacturers warranties for peace of mind. If my car doesn't sell, I will still have the Aproved warranty extended, but if it does sell, the new owner will have peace of mind.

This car cost me almost 15k from Audi 10 months ago, but a severe change in circumstances has meant that I must try and sell.

Thanks for viewing.




Skye... Without hijacking you thread, how do you post pictures as large as yours? I've been using imageshack and when i upload a photo and get the url i have to put it in the LINK box rather than the add photo bit, that way i only get a small preview of the pic then it just acts as a link and takes you to the larger pic, i cant use add pic bit, whenever in enter a url it just comes up with a funny square with like a red cross though it???
I use imageshack too. Once you have uploaded pics to imageshack, click on insert image (message tools on thread), copy the "direct link" to your pics on imageshack and paste in between the following symbols


Hope this works, may not show for you because I've created a command with the script above, so if you can't make it out try this

(img)you should paste the address to picture here(/img)

but replace all the brackets above with the square brackets []

You can type out (copy/paste) each picture address onto the thread manually, but I recommend if you do that, hit preview post in between each picture so they don't try to all load at the same time.
Otherwise, when using the insert image button, remember to paste the direct link into the script window and manually put the above symbols in there too.

This explanation may have made this more complicated than it actually is.

Good Luck, anything else, feel free to ask

Cheers, Skye-S3
By the way, if the last post works, I can't take all the credit.

Cheers to HTC and Carpy25 for the instructions they gave me as I am quite new to this

Why are all these covert For sale threads appearing in the main forum nowadays? Does no one read ther calssifieds anymore? (I know I do!)

BTW, it may help your sale if you said what YEAR it is! Also you should state any other spec, eg, bose, etc etc, ie what other spec is. TBH all thise things you missed are FAR more important than some audi warranty that as we have all experienced is a "lap of the gods" scenario when you have a problem.
Hi, your right Simch. The S3 is a 2002 (52), It has a CD/Radio (non Bose) and the seats are un-heated Silver Leather.
If anyone would rather not have the Audi Warranty, I would discount that from the Sale price of the S3

Surely it's not free if you are prepared to discount without it?
It just means that it has been included in the price
It would be free to the new Owner, if the car sold at the asking price.

Essentially I would be lowering the price of the car by what the warranty would cost if anyone prefers to take the discount instead of the warrant.

This car cost me 14,900 less than a year ago.I thought 12,500 is a fair price indeed, though as I live in the Isle of Skye, I feel as though I need to offer an incentive for people to come see the car

Does the reg number come on the car?

I know a satelite installer who lives on an Island off Scotland that would like it!! LOL
Sorry Simch, Reg Number not for sale

Nice car but hate to say it it is a bit steep price wise! ! I think you need to be ready to be offered a fair bit less.

People will think it is only low miles as you like on a little island!! So whilst it will help a bit, it wont help that much on price.
As a guide, I paid less than £13k for my 44k mile, 53 plate with heated full leather, sunroof and bose over 18 months ago!! !! FASH for what it was worth.
What will a dealer offer you for it? I would think they would offer fairly strong money bearing in mind its prepped for the forecourt now!

Good Luck.
Thanks Simch,

Fair to say we all learn a lot about these cars, on this Forum especially, this is why I would extend the warranty for someone if they paid the asking price. If not, I would discount the cost (approx £700.00).

If someone then bought the car then went to Audi and bought a warranty themselves it would cost over £1,400.00 for the same warranty. The reason I'd get the warranty cheaper is because I'd be extending it as opposed to starting afresh, and the low mileage of the car.

The reason that the Audi Approved warranty is so comprehensive is due to the fact that if someone went to Audi without a current warranty, the car would need to be checked by an Audi Technician, have full Audi Service History and be under 60,000 miles. Audi have a set price for a tech to check out the car, but all that would be saved if the original warranty was extended.

This is my second Audi, I previously had an A3 1.8TQS and I had to claim on the warranty a few times for faults that commonly show up within these threads, ie, Xenon healight adjuster sensors, Electric window lifters, even wheel bearings were covered.

Thanks, Skye-S3

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