Flat battery - Am I now imaging something

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So a couple of weeks ago I took the wheels off the car to ceramic coat them and paint the brake disc hats. I stupidly left the ignition on while I was doing this and ended up flattening the battery. I disconnected the battery and charged it outside of the car, so obviously the car had no electrics for a few hours.

When I connected the charged battery back to the car there were quite a few warning lights that all disappeared after driving it for a short time. The problem I now it seems to be changing gears a bit jerkily and I've actually had it roll back on a hill a couple of times (dsg so this shouldn't be possible). It's almost as if its forgotten where the bite point is on the clutch and its reset the position or something.

My question is, 'is this possible'? Am I imagining it or could this really have happened? I'm toying with taking it back to the garage but are they going to see the faults in the system from the flat battery and then try and charge me for a reset or something? Is there something I can do myself to reset the dsg or clutch packs or whatever or will it fix itself?

Any input appreciated.


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I'm not aware of the components that the vehicle is built on, but it's entirely possible that any cache batteries were also drained and by removing the battery pack you reset any data stored on volatile memory. I'd definitely recommend getting it checked over.