Fitting the ABS electronic control unit....


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Just managed to pick up a replacement part for my dud electronic control unit for the ABS, (old couldn't be repaired). I have a mechanic wanting to charge me for 5 hours work to fit it. It seems like a it's just a case of plugging the thing in but not sure if it needs to be set up via their hand held computer etc.

Anyone know if this guy is trying to take me for a ride or whether it seems a ligititmate quote? Appreciate any feedback.



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What year is the car.
I got my ABS module fixed by BBA reman 2 months ago. To replace need to remove passenger side wheel and wheel arch liner. Remove wash bottle. Then 6 torx screws to remove old unit. Mines didn't need coding and not sure if it needs to be done as long as part numbers match. It took me an hour max