Finally here!


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After ordering in June it's finally here. I wasn't sure about the navarra blue until seeing it for real and absolutely love it. It drives very nicely with plenty of power and a lovely note.

Spec is: navarra blue, light and vision pack, flat bottom steering wheel and hill hold. I found this spec was great value and I don't think it's lacking anywhere.

Pictures are just after it was detailed and got the ceramic coat


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Very nice.


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Pictures just don't do this colour justice, absolutely pops in person!


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Welcome mate and very nice car.


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Very nice, lovely colour! How much was the ceramic coating??? Will it resist bird **t????


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Very nice, lovely colour! How much was the ceramic coating??? Will it resist bird **t????
180 for the coating and some detailing to undo whatever the Audi dealer did to it trying to prep it! Thought it was a good deal and it definitely helps to resist dirt. Haven't had a bird take aim at the car yet but I've been told it'll protect from that and flies


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Are you North or South based?? I’m Lancashire based, anywhere near me??

Ah I'm afraid I'm in N ireland so would be a bit of a drive! The guy did me a really good deal and knows what he's doing and I'm sure there will be somebody nearby you who will do the same. It's well worth doing and as long as some idiot in the dealership doesn't try to apply it it will be done right and last!